'Dead To Me' Creator Liz Feldman Has Signed A Multi-Year Partnership With Netflix

It's always difficult to hear your fav new show has been cancelled, amirite?! I have fallen in love with many crappy TV shows only to find they have been KILLED OFF, never to be heard of again after a season or two.

Thankfully for all of the millions of Dead to Me fans, this is not the case! Jen and Judy will get the ending they deserve!!!

As you may have heard, the beloved dark comedy *Dead to Me* just signed on for its third and FINAL season!

It's hard to believe such a smash hit show could only give us THREE glorious seasons, but I suppose it's better to go out in GLORY, amirite?!

Christina Applegate took to Twitter to express her feelings about the announcement.

"I will miss these ladies. But we felt this was the best way to tie up the story of these women," she tweeted.

"Thank you to all the fans. We will be getting back to work when it is safe to do so. Much love."

As fans grapple with the devastating news, I am here to remind you NOT ALL HOPE IS LOST!

Yep! That's right! Dry your eyes, children! Dead to Me show's creator has signed a multi-year partnership with Netflix!

So what does this MEAN FOR US, sweet friends?!

It means that there's going to be a lot more iconic Netflix shows from Liz, which means even MORE characters and stories to fall in love with!

I can't wait to do nothing but binge her shows for the next few years! WOOT!

*Dead To Me* fans owe A LOT to show creator Liz Feldman.

She brought us Jen and Judy! She gave us this amazing show! Not only is Liz the show creator, she is and executive producer and a writer!

Fun fact, Will Ferrell is also an executive producer on Dead to Me!

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