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John Stamos Trolls Kanye West By Announcing Presidential Bid Of His Own

The 2020 Election was already promising to be one for the history books, but it keeps getting more and more interesting!

While Donald Trump may have set a precedent for celebrities running for office (although, really, Arnold Schwarzenegger did it first), it looks like lots of famous people have been inspired by this for the upcoming election!

Recently, Kanye West announced on Twitter his intention to run for President.

While this came as a surprise to some people since Kanye had seemed to be a big fan of President Trump, Kanye claimed "we must now realize the promise of America" and announced his bid for 2020 using the hashtag "#2020 Vision."

John Stamos decided to get in on the action by poking a little fun at Kanye's announcement himself.

Instagram | @johnstamos

John shared this image of himself with Full House co-star Bob Saget implying the two were running for President and Vice President. John captioned the image "And if anything should happen to Saget…” implying his own takeover if needed.

Bob Saget commented on the post, joking, "That gives me comfort John. Love you so much and so looking forward to our two terms!!”

Bob then shared the poster on his own Instagram.

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"BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I slept on it, and decided . . . If Kanye can do it, @JohnStamos and I can do it!!! So get excited, 'cause 'FULL HOUSE IS COMING TO THE WHITEHOUSE!" Bob Saget wrote alongside the post, adding the hashtag "#SAGETSTAMOS2020."

"I'll be awaiting your request for my endorsement," Candace Cameron Bure wrote in the comments.

One commenter joked "Danny Tanner is really going to clean this place up," which could be a pretty good slogan all on its own!

What do you think? Would you rather vote for Kanye West or John Stamos? I've got to say, out of those two, Uncle Jesse's got my vote!