Van Holten's Pickles

Pickle Ice Pops Exist For People Who Really Love Their Dills

There are two types of people in the world: people who love pickles and people who hate pickles. One thing is for sure, the people who love pickles absolutely LOVE pickles. I mean, they want everything to taste like pickles and when they can get their hands on pickle-flavored items, it's a dream come true. Recently, one company made the perfect pickle and summer combo snack and we want in.

Van Holten's Pickles has officially released the perfect summer snack.

Van Holten's Pickles

Van Holten's has introduced "pickle ice pops" that combine the deliciousness of ice pops and the savory flavor of dill pickles. They're the type of ice pops you used to enjoy all throughout your childhood.

They're currently available for purchase on Amazon.

The pops are pretty amazing, as they are also electrolyte-enhanced. The box comes filled with 2-ounce ice pops that have an 18-month shelf life (so, you don't have to freeze them all right away).

The company says they're perfect for a post-workout snack.


"Essential minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium can be lost during intense workouts leading to muscle cramps and dehydration. Pickle-Ice helps replace these minerals and promotes a balanced body," the company writes on their website.

And, people are loving these pops!

One Amazon user raved about them, saying:

"These are AMAZING!!! They are absolutely delicious! I LOVE pickle juice snow cones, and unfortunately they are hard to find year round. These hit the spot just like the snow cones do. They taste great, help with cramps, and hangovers. I definitely freeze them, although the juice can be used to drink without freezing, they taste great with a few (maybe 4) tablespoons of vodka."