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Domino's Has A Wedding Registry For Those Who Don't Need Anything Else But Pizza

Signing up for wedding registries can be tough for couples who don't really need anything. Maybe they live in an apartment and can't fit a host of new kitchenware and don't need anymore towels. Maybe they prefer buying secondhand as opposed to new, and maybe they don't like other people shopping for them.

However, if there's one thing everyone can get down with it's pizza, which is exactly why Domino's now has a wedding registry for pizza.

Hardcore pizza fans may remember when Domino's announced it would be opening its own wedding registry for pizza lovers.


It actually launched back in 2017, but with many weddings cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic, Domino's wanted to do something extra special.

They have a new "Rain Check" registry that caters to everyone's unique situation.

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"With so many weddings being postponed or scaled back in 2020, we knew those couples might need some extra love from those around them, because everything is better with pizza," Domino's vice president of advertising Kate Trumbull said in a press release.

Their gift packages are aptly named after a host of situations couples-to-be now face and include a curated selection of menu items to satisfy each event, at least for now.

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Some of their gift packages include a "Virtual Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party" for those who were going to eat pizza in Vegas anyways, a "The OG Wedding Day" package for couples to celebrate what would have been, as well as other that honor the new date.

Altogether, Domino's has nine different Rain Check gifts to register for ranging from $15 to $100.

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Even if the couple-to-be hasn't registered, family and friends can still send eGift cards, because pizza makes any disappointing situation so much better.

Head to to register and send an eGift card.

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