5+ People Who Admitted Weird Things To The Internet And Asked For Advice

People can do some incredibly weird things! However, after doing things that are perhaps a little odd, it can be natural to wonder if you were in the right; and, in order to ascertain whether they were or not, a lot of people take to the internet to seek counsel from strangers.

And, you will find below some of the strangest stories that people had to share, in this list of 5+ people who admitted weird things to the internet and asked for advice.

1 ⏤ The Leftover Thief!

Unsplash | Eiliv-Sonas Aceron

Right, so I'm gonna kick things off with a pretty hilariously controversial one if you ask me. One person took to Reddit to ask, "[Am I the asshole] because I took all the leftover homes after a work party?" And, I can imagine that a few of you are already feeling incandescent at this person!

This person started their story by writing, "I've worked at this company for 3 years. my 3 year anniversary landed on the same day of my SO proposing and to top it off I'm getting promoted. I expected at least something from my coworkers, like small party, gift, nothing fancy [...] There were congrats and well dones but nothing else."

So, they told their partner about this party-based injustice!

Unsplash | Aliyah Jamous

Apparently, this person went home in tears to their partner due to the fact that they felt uncared for. So, "he contacted one of my coworkers, soon to be employee, and she went to my manager and set something up. they had a little buffet in the break room. just the common stuff: veggie platter, dips, chips and sweets like cookies, tarts and brownie, some banners."

However, and hold on to your hats, they went on to explain, "at the end of the day I took the leftovers home with me on the plates/Tupperware they came in on. the coworker (again, my soon to be an employee) text me that next day asking if I took the sweets she made along with the plates."

When she said that she had indeed taken home all of the food and crockery, the coworker became "super hostile."

Unsplash | dylan nolte

This person went on to say, "apparently she wanted to keep those in the break room for those unable to attend the party could still eat and nowhere did she say this was all for me. she also needed the platter plate back because she was making a birthday cake for her niece.

"My SO and I both agreed it was wrong for her to text me like that and seeing as it was my party, if I wanted the leftovers, I deserve them."

And isn't that just a rollercoaster of egotism?! I'm sure that all of her coworkers will be very respectful of her when her promotion is finalized! Have you ever heard anything more entitled in your life?

2 ⏤ The Wedding Dress Destroyer!

Unsplash | Charisse Kenion

One person asked, "[Am I the asshole] for cutting up and altering my wedding dress into a functional dress instead of giving it to my sister who can't afford an expensive dress?"

They began by explaining that they had recently split from their fiance after he had cheated on her with a stripper on his bachelor party ⏤ a spectacular asshat move.

They then decided to repurpose the dress, which had cost over $2K!

Unsplash | Charisse Kenion

They went on to write, "last weekend I decided to 'take my power back' and I began altering the dress. I have been sewing for 15 plus years so I know what I am doing. I cut it a bit, changed the color to something less wedding-y and after a week of work I had a beautiful gown that I could use for more stuff."

They then uploaded a picture of the dress to Instagram, when their sister called them up furious about what they had done to the dress.

Their sister was furious that they hadn't kept the dress for them to use.

Unsplash | Foto Pettine

Their sister is getting married in 5 months, and was seething that they could no longer have the dress. The person who posted this wrote, "she reminded me that when we were staying at the hotel where my wedding was supposed to happen [...] my sister said something along the lines of 'oh well if you are not using it i will'. We all laughed so I thought it was a joke because it was never brought up again after.

"[...] Now my sister is mad at me and my mom says she understands our povs. But that I could have waited 5 more months till after her wedding to 'take my power back'."

I can't say that I think that this person is in any way the asshole here! In fact, the sister is coming across like a real asshole instead if you ask me.

3 ⏤ The Pot Cookie Bandit

Unsplash | Mae Mu

This one opened with the intriguing question, "AITA for having pot cookies out in the open in my own home?"

This person explained that they had a day off work so decided to make a batch of pot cookies that they could enjoy at the weekend. Once they had made them, they let them cool on the kitchen counter, when the doorbell rang. They wrote:

"surprise surprise it's my sister with 8yo niece and husband. it's been a while since I've last seen them to it was a happy surprise. I let them in, and the smell of cookies still in the air, and niece goes bolting towards the kitchen."

Their niece immediately grabbed a cookie off the counter.

Unsplash | SJ Baren

"Quick on my feet I swooped in and grabbed the cookie out of her hand saying that these were adult cookies, which caused niece to start freaking out. My sister followed in and I explained to her that these cookies had pot in them and assured her I was able to take the cookie away from niece before she had ate any," they wrote.

Their niece locked herself in the bathroom crying, and their sister apparently blew up at them for having this sort of thing lying around when there were kids running around.

"I explained how I had just finished baking them and they were setting, and the fact that I didn't expect ANY children to be around (I am a single man, no kids), she asked if I had anything that wasn't 'laced' and unfortunately I didn't," they continued.

Their sister apparently continued to give them "a big ol' lecture about having drugs in reach of kids."

Unsplash | Ben Wicks

However, this person maintains that they didn't do anything wrong as they weren't expecting anyone to come around. They also wrote that they told their sister, "well maybe if you taught your daughter to not just grab stuff, we wouldn't be in this mess!"

And, the majority of the internet was on his side, with the top response being, "It's polite to give people a heads up before you drop by, by 8 years old you should know not to take things without asking, and locking herself in a bathroom over not getting a cookie is ridiculous behavior for an 8yo."

4 ⏤ Getting A Waitress Fired

Unsplash | Zoran Borojevic

Okay, so this one is a doozy ⏤ honestly, I'm blown away that this person admitted to this online. Anyway, they started by writing this, "AITA for getting a waitress fired from her job because she left me her phone number?" Yep... you read that right.

They started by writing, "I (20M) went for dinner with my family (parents in their 50s) right before the lockdown. Anyway, there was a fairly attractive waitress (looked to be in her 20s) serving us. Afterward, she left her phone number for me with a smiley face saying she found me cute."

However, this delightful person said that this really annoyed them... for a bizarre reason.

Unsplash | Dan Gold

"For several reasons, I was quite irritated by this. First and foremost, my parents teased me about this which made me feel uncomfortable. Secondly, it seems very unprofessional and personal. I am a customer, and she is the server. She doesn't know me, and this was a very forward thing to do. I'd ideally just like to have had my food without any issues."

I am floored that they would consider this an "issue", they even said that they found her attractive! However, they decided to make sure that she would regret this human moment by filing a formal complaint.

They lodged a formal complaint with the manager there and then.


They ended this by writing, "So after finishing I asked to speak to the manager and filed a complaint. I checked on Facebook for the page of the restaurant and I saw someone leave a bad review for the place. lo and behold it was her. She got fired. My sister said I was an AH for doing this but I think I was well within my rights."

Thankfully, the internet was not polite to this walking and breathing human asshat, with the top response being, "bro she dodged a bullet you're a piece of ****ing work! You're the asshole".

5 ⏤ The Secret Lip-Reader

Unsplash | Joey Nicotra

This weird story started as such: "AITA for not telling someone I can read lips.

"I've had hearing loss for most of my life, but it was diagnosed when I was about 7 years old. So I learned to read lips at the same time I was learning to speak. I'm very proficient in reading lips. Whenever I work with someone new, I make sure to let them know that I have hearing loss and to make sure that they are facing me and I'm aware they're talking to me.

"I've never actually mentioned to any co-workers that I could read lips & but I'm pretty sure most of them at least suspect it strongly."

However, their new coworker didn't believe that they had hearing loss.

Unsplash | Kimia Zarifi

They went on to say, "A new co-worker started and I did my customary introduction and disclaimer about my hearing. I don't think she believed me because she got very offended when I ignored her. [But] she was trying to get my attention from behind me and I genuinely did not hear her. Once someone got my attention I apologize to her and pointed out that I did have hearing loss".

I mean, I don't know why someone would pretend to have hearing loss for a kickoff, however, a few days later this coworker decided to start "venting to a mutual coworker. The only problem was she was facing me and I could read her lips perfectly."

So, naturally, they confronted the coworker!

Unsplash | Ben White

This person said that they told her that if she as going to be bitching about people, you need to make sure that they can't see exactly what you're saying! Which must have been a truly spectacular moment! However, the coworker was furious, as this person went on to write:

"I told her I was upset that she wouldn't just come to me, and that I did tell her twice that I was partially deaf and couldn't hear her. She freaked out because apparently I was being rude by reading her lips when she was facing me".

However, I really don't think that this person needs to be worried about being considered the asshole here. I mean, it must have been very embarrassing for the other person, but that should teach them an important lesson about talking about people behind their backs!