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16+ Pics That Show The Slow And Steady Way Time Always Wins

Most of us have at least one thing in our homes that we've essentially pledged to keep until it literally distentegrates. That's usually because we associate it with some of our most treasured memories and those memories are often from childhood.

In my case, it's a Bart Simpson shirt that's so thin and worn that it's basically impossible to wear, but it's still in my possession nonetheless.

Of course, that can only be true for so long. Eventually, this shirt will meet its end because everything does.

Although time's march is gradual and subtle, these pics do a lot to illustrate that it's also unstoppable.

This beach house was built in the 1940s, but it's unclear how long this guarded light has been here.

Reddit | YoWhatTheDuck

However, we can easily see that the guard rails running across it have seen a lot more wear than the rest of this place.

Since the light faces the beach, this likely has a lot to do with the salt and sand blowing in from the ocean.

Just by looking at it, we can see a lot of reasons not to be surprised that this knife is 40 years old.

Reddit | themostunknownowl

Not only has it been sharpened enough that the blade looks like it's been worn down to half its size, but its sheath seems to be barely holding together as well.

When the whole purpose of an object is to get scratched, it's hardly surprising that it'll end up looking like this.

Reddit | talkingshrimp

For those who are unfamiliar, this is a cat's scratching couch. I guess it's supposed to be more attractive to a fickle feline than your standard scratching post?

Considering that this person's job is to manage neglected land, it's not exactly shocking that their work boots would look like this.

Reddit | PanzerSpinne

We can obviously see one of the replacements on the left, but we're also seeing the toll that seven years of work has taken on the old ones.

Considering that this bottle opener's been in use for nine years, it still looks pretty good.

Reddit | professorbeefsteak

That said, it's still clear that it's seen a lot of use judging by the fact that one of this polar bear's arms seems to be a lot longer than the other.

It's always pretty easy to tell the difference between a new basketball and an old one, but now we know how long this transformation takes.

Reddit | lukeannett

According to the uploader, the one on the right took about a year of outdoor use to look faded and brown.

Considering how easy it is to fumble a phone, it seems about right that this is what its case would look like after three years.

Reddit | Phoenixf1zzle

While many of these scuffs can be attributed to taking the phone in and out of pockets over and over again, it's almost a certainty that at least a couple of these dings came from nasty falls.

When something gets a lot of use, it tends to show it.

Reddit | Earthling98

Although it's unknown how long this Singer sewing machine has been in operation, the fact that it's described as "vintage" means we can measure that in decades.

And as we can see, that's more than enough time for all the thread it's been in contact with to wear a groove into the machine.

Although this person picked a different color of stripes for their new shoes, they're otherwise the same model as their old ones.

Reddit | willcodeformaoam

And so, we can see how over two years of walking, running, and squatting can turn the smooth, clean shoe on the right to the dirty, wrinkly one on the left.

This person's kept their wallet with them for at least nine years.

Reddit | humanlogic

They always seem to bulk up like this after enough time passes, but this one seems like it's been through a lot even when you take that fact of life aside.

Has a dog been chewing on it or something?

This is Monkey Jack and as we can see, he's been through a lot over the last 15 years.

Reddit | Aid_Le_Sultan

I was going to call him a stuffed animal at first, but that doesn't seem terribly accurate right now.

He's apparently been to Morocco, India, France, Denmark, and The Netherlands, which means he's touched down on more continents than I have.

This person has had this hoodie since middle school, which translates to over 20 years of use.

Reddit | mobius153

They've also said that they essentially have to wear it in secrecy now because their wife has been trying to get rid of it for a while now.

There's similar friction around this pair of rugby shorts that the uplaoder has had for 15 years.

Reddit | Tronkfool

As they said, "My wife wants it out of our marriage but I've had them longer than I've had her."

I suppose I'm biased, but I can't really see why it's so important to throw these out.

It's unclear how long the work glove on the left has been in use, but it's defintiely easy to see why it was replaced.

Reddit | petesentzfan

Considering how intense some hands-on jobs can be, I wouldn't be surprised if it only took about a month before that massive hole was worn into one of the fingers.

It's always sort of interesting when one small section of a floor seems to be much more worn than the rest of it.

Reddit | asumr

It's likely that this doctor's office just sees a lot of foot traffic with people popping in to talk to the doctor without sitting down, but I also want to imagine that they pace around here when a tricky illness comes their way.

While time can certainly ravage things in our lvies, it's also true that the sun is pretty good at it too.

Reddit | sorryimtall

For instance, this pilot's jacket has a faded left side, but a relatively crisper right side. This is because their left side is more directly exposed to sunlight.

I've mentioned that each of these worn objects will see the day when they finally break completely.

Reddit | Gerzos

Well, it seems that this day has come for this apparently beloved flathead screwdriver. The uploader said it was a sad day, so this tool has obviously given them a lot of faithful service.

I suppose that if Garfield really wants to be accurate, he should look more like the one on the left.

Reddit | Zoomzombie

After all, the uploader's wife has apparently been snuggling with it for the last 40 years. Fortunately, she was able to get the same one in mint condition thanks to some thorough eBay hunting.

As the uploader said, "I had no idea these grips were originally hot pink until I cut them off."

Reddit | babyslaughter

I suppose that when you get something used, it can hold a few secrets that only the previous owner knew about.

After all, a lot of people will find some strange things after they move into an old house.

The uploader assures us that the hat they replaced this old one with looks exactly as it originally did.

Reddit | AggroMajora

If you're wondering how it got dirty enough to essentially change color, the answer is over two years of construction work.

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