10+ Mistakes From 'Beauty And The Beast' Fans Didn't Catch

I absolutely love Beauty and the Beast. This tale as old as time is a staple from my childhood and continues to inspire an entirely new generation of moviegoers.

It's a brilliant film, but it's not without its missteps.

Have a look and check out these 10+ mistakes from Beauty and the Beast that even hardcore fans didn't manage to catch their first time around.

1. Belle's book changes colors on her way to the library.


At the beginning of the film, when Belle first speaks with the town's baker about her latest novel, you can clearly see that the cover on the front is a muddled mauve color.

But once she enters the library, it's clearly now a very different and much darker shade of purple.


At first, I thought that she maybe had more than one book in her basket, but nope!

It just flat-out changes color for no reason at all. Whoops!

2. What happened to the bellows hanging by the fireplace?


Do you see that thing hanging by the fireplace, underneath the teapot?

It's an antique device known as a bellows. Basically, it was used to help stoke your fire in olden times.

In the next shot, after Gaston puts his muddy boots onto the table, the bellows is nowhere to be found!


I don't mean to be nit-picky, but this is just plain sloppy! Maybe the bellows was actually a spy from the Beast's castle?

I guess that could explain why it just got up and walked away?

3. Where did the Beast's sleeves go?


During the scene where the Beast gives the library to Belle, he's clearly wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath his cloak.

This is the first time in the film that he attempts to make himself look more presentable.

So then what happens to them in this wide shot? Did the Beast take off his shirt without us seeing?


It's incredibly difficult to see but if you look very closely, there appears to be a portion of his white-collar poking out from the Beast's cloak.

Maybe the animators just forgot to draw the sleeves?

4. The staircase in Belle's cottage shrinks.


Near the beginning of the film, Gaston calls on Belle in order to propose to her. When he enters, you can clearly see that there are six steps that lead up to the landing on the stairs.

But then something funny happens...

All of a sudden three stairs are missing! So what happened to them?


It happens so quickly that it's easy to miss, but clearly this is a case of animation cells not lining up the way they should.

Or perhaps it was just a complete and total miscommunication between animators?

5. There are some problems with Belle's cottage door as well.


After Belle rejects Gaston's marriage proposal, she swiftly ejects him from her home.

As you can see from the image above, the door very clearly swings out, not in.

However, when Belle retrieves Gaston's boots and throws them outside, the door on the cottage swings in!


I know what you're thinking and the answer is no: it can't be a two-way door.

If that was the case, we wouldn't have heard it slam shut on the frame.

6. Mrs. Potts' eyes aren't quite right.


This one happens lightning fast, so make sure to be paying attention!

During the dance between Belle and the Beast when Mrs. Potts is singing, her eyes change color from blue to black, and then back to blue again.

7. The claw marks on the Beast's portrait change direction.


At the beginning of the film, the Beast viciously tears his portrait out of shame and disgust.

As you can see, his claw marks begin from the top left and down to the right.

But later on, when Belle goes exploring in the west wing, the marks have not only changed their direction but their position as well.


It's a little odd, don't you think?

I guess it's possible the Beast could have had more than one portrait of himself in the bedroom but unlikely.

8. Chips chip keeps switching sides as the film goes on.


For the majority of the film, you can see that Chip's signature chip is on the right side of his face.

But there's a moment during the "Something There That Wasn't There Before" sequence where everything goes awry.

His chip moves to the complete opposite side of his face!


It's right after he and Mrs. Potts watch on in embarrassment as the Beast devours a plate of porridge, similar to how a hungry dog would.

This is just one of many examples of this taking place.

9. Lefou lost a shoe!


After Lefou runs out of the castle, you can see that he is missing a shoe! Panic can do that to a person.

But in the next shot, if you look closely, you'll see that he has both on again.

10. Maurice entering the castle.


Once Maurice enters the castle, you can see that the bolts on the doors of the castle are gold.

However, later in the same scene you can see that the bolts have changed from gold to black.

11. Gaston's boots.

When Gaston goes to Belle to propose to her, his boots are clean — noticeably so.

But when he puts them up on the table, for some reason, they are completely covered in mud.

12. Water, pipes, and shutters, oh my!


After Belle leaves the book store, in a shot above her, you can see a woman pouring water towards the downspout.

In the shot, you can even see gorgeous green shutters and some wood trim around the window.

In the next shot, the shop suddenly has a large hanging pipe sign!


Not only that, but under the window, there is suddenly a table, the green shutters have vanished, and the wood trim has been changed!

13. "Give five hurrahs, give twelve hip-hips!"


During the line in Gaston's song that says, "Give five hurrahs, give twelve hip-hips," LeFou's beer switches from his left to his right hand between shots.

Not just that, but the wood beams have completely vanished!

14. "Who's got Belle locked up in a dungeon?"


When Belle's father makes his way inside the tavern, there's just one man at the bar on the left side.

But throughout the shots, suddenly there are three. And then when Gaston asks "Who's got Belle locked up in a dungeon?" all three have disappeared.

15. Belle's colorful bedroom.


When Mrs. Potts and Chip go to Belle's bedroom, there are a ton of colorful pillows that lie on Belle's bed.

Between all the shots in the scene, they switch between appearing and disappearing and changing positions.

16. Belle's bridge.


At the very beginning of the movie, we first see Belle at her house, and she makes her way across a bridge that sits there in order for her to cross over into the town.

However, much later in the movie, when Gaston leads the insane asylum keeper to the house, something has changed!


There is a horse and buggy waiting in front of the house, but all of a sudden, the bridge is gone.

How did they get there?

17. Blue book.


When Belle sits by the fountain to read the blue book that she got from the library, some sheep pass by and one of them actually takes a bite from the book, ripping off the page!

But in the next shot, the page is there again.

18. "Human Again"


Toward the end of the "Human Again" song, Cogsworth and Lumiere turn on the fountain.

There's a large statue right in the middle of the fountain, and it sprays some water, but the ones that are next to it don't.

However, when the wardrobe is on the balcony and begins to sing, the shot goes to a wide arial shot and something has shifted.


Suddenly, all the statues are spraying out water, instead of just the one in the middle.

19. "No one slick as Gaston."


When LeFou sings "no one slick as Gaston," there is a man speaking to a lady and there is a bar stool behind him.

However, when LeFou runs over to him, the bar stool is suddenly gone.

20. The West Wing


When the Beast begins to yell at Belle in the west wing, she backs up into a rotting cupboard, and if you look closely, you can see a ton of designs all over it.

However, when the shot changes, the cupboard suddenly looks brand new and has no patterns.

21. "Will no one help me?"


After Maurice is thrown out of the tavern, he falls into the snow right by the fountain.

However, when he says, "Will no one help me?" the snow is suddenly gone.