Quotes About Dealing With People Who Are Just Very Dumb

Now, I'm not here to get in an argument about facts or whatever. That's a touchy subject right now and I'm not going near that landmine.

When I say that dumb people are annoying, I'm talking about those day-to-day ding-dongs that come gliding into your orbit, show zero common sense, and then leave you just blinking in shock when they're gone.

Some of those people are fairly harmless, and even kind of cute in their naivety.


Others seem incapable of the basics of life and leave you wondering how they've lived as long as they have.

Sadly, for millions of service workers in the world, most of the dumb-dumbs fall into the latter category.

Having done my time behind the counters of both a fast food restaurant and a gas station, I empathize with you all.


Every time I hear the phrase "the customer is always right," I want to break something.

They really, really aren't.

In most cases, that motto serves as a simple shorthand.

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If the order isn't what the customer wanted, in the end it doesn't matter who is "right" about the blame for the error. You're going to have to remake the food anyway.

Assuming they are polite when they bring up the issue, I'm perfectly happy to deal with it and get them out of my hair.

Unfortunately, many of the dumbest people are also the loudest.

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On the plus side, a few years in the customer service trenches did a lot to teach me how to manage my own stress and reactions to even the worse offenders.

It's hard to be fazed anymore and I can deal with the dumb like a champ.

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