10+ Hidden Features On Products That Were There All Along

Have you ever realized that an item you've been using all your life has another purpose? Like, for example, that tiny pocket on jeans that you've always wondered about? I'm going to solve that mystery for you.

It turns out there are other items we know with hidden features. I'm going to blow your mind with some of these. Check them out and spread the word.

1. What's The Oven Drawer For?


If you guessed it was for keeping all your pots and pans you'd be wrong. Oh, so wrong. It's actually so you can keep food warm. I know, it seems a bit odd. I gotta try it, though.

2. Use That Can Tab


Did you know that you can spin the tab on a soda can around over the opening? The actual hole in the tab keeps straws in place, especially while drinking very fizzy drinks. Wow! Cool.

3. That Small Front Pocket On Jeans


I always thought that the small pocket on the front of jeans was to stuff tissues in. Turns out I was wrong. Ha, ha! It was actually originally made for pocket watches.

4. Chinese Take-Out Boxes

Twitter | @NJ_Nmaster

Did you know that when you order Chinese take-out you don't need to dirty any dishes? Oh, yes indeed. The actual container turns into a serving dish. You just need to remove the metal handle and voilĂ !

5. The Extra Fabric That Comes With New Clothes

Why do you sometimes get a piece of extra fabric when you buy new clothes? It's so you can test any cleaning agents on it! Isn't that so handy? Use it.

6. Know Your Car Well

Next time you get a new car, take note of this. Almost all cars have an arrow on the fuel gauge that tells you which side the fuel door is located on so you don't have to look for it.

7. Baby Onesies

Mame Boutique

Have you ever wondered why baby onesies have that weird neck design? Well, as it turns out, it's so you can pull them over the baby in case of a diaper blow-out. OMG, ha, ha! I totally didn't know that.

8. How To Disable Child-Proof Medicine Bottles


If you didn't think it was possible, you're in for a shock. You can actually reverse the cap and use the male threading to remove the child-proof feature on medicine bottles. Oh, wow! No more struggling with them anymore.

9. The Diamond With Slits On Your Backpack

Unsplash | Uzzal Rana

Originally it was designed with a purpose in mind for tourists to attach ropes to them. Nowadays, you can use them to attach sneakers, umbrellas, and all sorts of other useful things.

10. The Keyboard Secrets

Unsplash | Nhu Nguyen

If you're like me and can type without looking at your keyboard, you should already know this. The raised lines on the F and J keys let you know where you are on the keyboard without having to look down.

11. Keep Aluminum Foil In Place

Instagram | @fil.tree.eats

Do you always struggle with keeping the aluminum foil in place when trying to rip it? Me too. Instead, we could just be using the tabs on the ends of the box as directed. Duh!

12. Wiggle Those Showerhead Nozzles


If your showerhead water pressure seems low it might be because it's clogged. Did you know there are nozzles that can trap all sorts of dirt? Just wiggle them to get the clogged stuff out.

13. Mute That Microwave

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

If you're a night owl and you're always waking up everyone in your house with your late-night snacking, listen up. I'm going to tell you a secret that will blow you away. Your microwave has a mute button!

14. This Extra Hole On The iPhone

Unsplash | Aleksander Vlad

What is that extra white hole on the back of your iPhone? Have you ever wondered about that? Well, it's actually an extra microphone. It helps to block outside noise during phone conversations.

15. How To Read Highway Signs

Unsplash | Juan Carlos Becerra

If you're ever on the highway and want to know whether the next exit is coming up is on the right or left-hand side, the overhead signs are actually aligned with the position of the exit lane. For example, if the exit sign is aligned on the left, the exit will be on the left-hand side.

16. Rectangular Whiteboard Erasers Have Layers


Did you know that most whiteboard erasers come with layers for a reason? Once you use the bottom and you can't erase anymore just peel a layer and it's as if it's brand new again. Who knew?

17. How To Use A Japanese Toothpick

Reddit | zachraffensperger

If you have ever seen a Japanese toothpick you might've thought it looked funny. But it turns out that there's a purpose for its tip. When you break it off it serves as a stand.

18. The Heinz Ketchup '57' Trick

Pinterest | Heniz Singapore

You might've heard about this trick. If you haven't I'll gladly tell you about it. Haha. Apparently, if you tap the "57" on the bottle it will help your ketchup flow better. Try it!

19. Download Those Offline Maps

Unsplash | henry perks

If you're going to travel without data on your phone do this before you leave. Download the maps for offline use. Your phone's GPS works without a signal. That way you won't get lost again.

20. What's That Tab For?

Unsplash | Tessa Simpson

Have you ever wondered what that tab on your rearview mirror in the car is for? As it turns out, it's there for a reason. You can flip it to reduce glare from the headlights behind you.

21. Make Instant Coaster With To-Go Cup Lids

Reddit | trickICR

Did you realize that to-go cup lids can serve another purpose? You can just take them off and use them as a coaster. They totally fit in the bottom of the cup.

22. Open Your Stove To Clean It

Reddit | 5p33di3

Were you aware that you can open your stove like this and clean it? OMG, I had no idea. What in the heck? How did I not know about this? This is mind-blowing.

How fun are these new discoveries? I love finding out stuff I didn't know.

It's like my life is so much better now because I have this added knowledge. I can always tell people a few of these at parties. Ha, ha!

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