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Costco Is Now Selling Ice Cream Sundaes To Make Shopping There So Much Sweeter

No one fully understands the kitschy appeal of Costco's food court. It's sort of one of those, "if you know, you know" experiences. The monochromatic very brown aesthetic of the menu board leaves much to be desired, yet is highly desirable all at once.

There are quite a few winners on there, and their latest addition to the menu board just makes the whole experience so much sweeter.

Frozen treats are not new to Costco's menu board, but ice cream sure is!

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While they've always had soft serve frozen yogurt, they've now added soft serve ice cream for those who like the real deal.

Customers will find two Kirkland Signature classic sundae options: chocolate and strawberry for $2.50.

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They'll also be able to order a simple cup of the vanilla ice cream for $1.99, because sometimes you just need some plain vanilla soft serve.

And they don't skimp on the toppings, either!

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Is Costco the new summer ice cream spot? Sure looks like it now!