Transport Yourself To Space Without Ever Leaving Earth Thanks To NASA's Eau De Space Fragrance

One of the greatest questions that has plagued humankind is, what exactly is out there? That's why we have brave and curious (not to mention, very intelligent) astronauts who go all the way out to Outer Space to check things out.

Now, not everyone who dreams of jetting off to Outer Space can go, at least right now, so NASA is releasing a perfume that smells like space to give us earthlings a little taste of what to expect out there.

In case you weren't aware, space apparently has a distinct scent.

It's like how everyone's house smells a little different, you know?

The smell is so distinct that NASA apparently appointed specialists to physically develop the "smell of space" in an effort to train astronauts before they embarked on their journey.

Unsplash | Guillermo Ferla

They didn't want astronauts to be "surprised" by all the new stimuli out there.

Well, NASA sure has a surprise for us, because they're working on releasing their signature "Eau de Space" scent for everyone to experience.


How cute is the packaging?!

Not even a month ago, Eau de Space's Kickstarter was launched by one of the aforementioned space scent specialists, Steve Pearce, and business partner Matt Richmond.

According to various astronauts that have spoken to Richmond, space smells like "a mix of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries and rum."

This is certainly a chaotic scent profile we never knew we needed on our bods.

Ultimately, Pearce and Richmond hope this scent creates a greater interest in STEM through a kind of experiental education.

Unsplash | NASA

I'll tell ya—this scent is either going to make people want to go to space in hopes of there being an endless amount of steak, raspberries, and rum, or be extremely turned off by the combo.

Check out their Kickstarter and help them meet their MOQ (Minimum order Quantity), and definitely look out for this in the future! They're already looking to make a second fragrance called Smell of the Moon.