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Incredibly Detailed Woven Cakes Look Exactly Like Tapestry Wall Hangings

You don't need to turn on the TV and head to any food stations to experience the magical world of baking and cooking. All you have to do is head to Instagram!

That's where you'll find these incredibly detailed woven tapestry cakes, and they really look like the real thing.

How amazing is this textured woven tapestry cake?

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I don't know about you, but I can't stop staring at all the little details!

These cake designers take inspo from those woven wall tapestries that have become quite popular over the years.

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They capture all the different textures, colors, and sizes that make wall tapestries so interesting and striking to look at.

An array of piping bag tips are used to create the different sixes and textures of the materials used in a tapestry wall hanging.

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Of course, I'm sure special care and whole lot of patience is taken to ensure no detail is missed.

You can almost see the blood, sweat, and tears that went into decorating a cake like this.

Instagram | @cakelaurenloves

Well, if you eat with your eyes first, this certainly has us feeling full!