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Target Is Selling A New Lineup Of Baby Yoda Mugs, And Morning Coffee Never Looked So Cute

Great news, everyone! In case your were wondering or worried, The Child, better known as Baby Yoda, is still just as cute and important as ever.

How do I know? Well, season two of The Mandalorian is still slated to launch in October, which means we'll be spending a lot more time with Baby Yoda. On top of that, Target just released a new lineup of Baby Yoda mugs that will bring a smile to anyone's morning.

Yes, Target did *that.*

Instagram | @targetgems

They just released a lineup of three super adorable mugs by the brand Silver Buffalo, which were recently spotted on shelves by Instagrammer @targetgems.

Each mug has a different iconic Baby Yoda *lewk,* making it so difficult to *not* collect them all!

Instagram | @targetgems

Unfortunately, there isn't one with him holding his little soup cup, but I'm sure there's still time to design some more.

Each mug is $5.99 and holds 14 ounces of liquid.

Instagram | @targetgems

Morning coffee has seriously never looked so adorable.

Check out your local Target, or easily order them online.