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Sharon Osbourne Supports Changing Name Of John Wayne Airport: He's 'Just A Bad Man'

It can be difficult to figure out, when speaking about the past, how to handle opinions and events that were acceptable at the time but not by today's standards. Whether it's censoring or adding context to film scenes or television moments, or whether it's statements made by celebrities themselves, it can be tough.

Late Hollywood legend John Wayne has recently come under fire for remarks made in a 1971 interview with Playboy.

In the 1971 *Playboy* interview, John Wayne stated that he believed in white supremacy.

“I believe in white supremacy until the Blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people," he said, while also stating he didn't feel bad about slavery or about the treatment of Native Americans.

Wayne's son, Ethan has gone on record saying: “Let me make one thing — John Wayne was not a racist. I know that term is casually tossed around these days, but I take it very seriously. I also understand how we got to this point."

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"There is no question that the words spoken by John Wayne in an interview 50 years ago have caused pain and anger. They pained him as well, as he realized his true feelings were wrongly conveyed," Ethan told Fox News.

Regardless, since the resurgence of the interview, many people have called for Orange County's John Wayne Airport to be renamed.

Some have been very passionate about renaming the airport.

"Easy call. Rename John Wayne Airport!" tweeted Mia Farrow. "Claimed Native Americans 'selfishly' refused to share their land w white settlers. Called gays 'perverted,'" she continued.

Some fans would not be sad to see the name changed.

One fan had a suggestion for what it could be renamed to: "Rename john wayne airport kobe bryant airport," they tweeted in honor of the late great NBA star who passed away earlier this year.

One of the people who agree with renaming the airport is Sharon Osbourne.

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“It just gives me the creeps. There has always been this reputation of him of really hating blacks, Jews, anybody that wasn’t white," Sharon told the Daily Star when asked about Wayne's comments and the airport named after him.

Sharon said she had never been on board with the naming of the airport in the first place.

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“When the airport came, I was like: ‘Why would you give this man this honour of having an airport named after somebody like that, who is just a bad man, a really ugly man?’" she said.

“We cannot celebrate these people that we once thought were heroes.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Sharon and think the name should be changed in reflection of Wayne's past statements, or do you think honoring the Hollywood legend is important regardless of his old beliefs?

Not everyone agrees with changing the name, however, including President Trump.

"I really don't give a damn about John Wayne, but what drives me mad about this rubbish-y mass rebranding exercise, it actually trivialises any possibility of a serious conversation about racism, let alone undermining any chance of uniting people in a fight for improving society," one fan tweeted.

Some people think it's going way too far.

One fan tweeted, "Orange County is just fine with the name of their favorite airport. Stop this insanity," and another added, "I get it, change must happen. There’s no doubt about it. But somethings are way too extreme."

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