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Tom Cruise Celebrates His 58th Birthday

I'm usually bad at guessing celebrity's ages, especially when celebrities feel like they've been famous forever. They feel ageless!

That is especially true for Hollywood icon Tom Cruise, who hasn't lost a bit of his shine or his handsomeness in his entire career as an actor, which makes him being almost sixty years old a huge shocker.

Tom is one of Hollywood's biggest stars, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who hadn't seen any of his movies.

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From Top Gun to Jerry Maguire, Mission: Impossible to Risky Business, Minority Report to A Few Good Men, Tom's impact on Hollywood has been huge whether it's been as an action star who performs his own stunts to a swoon-worthy leading man.

Tom was born on July 3rd, 1962, which makes him 58 years old this year!

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This is so hard to believe! Tom looks just as youthful and handsome as ever, and he still is famous for performing his own stunts, which is a desire that hasn't gone away with age.

Whatever his skin care routine is, I want to know it!

Obviously, fans have taken to social media to wish him well on his 58th birthday.

"Happiest birthday to THE ONE who can act/be anyone as offered... To the most handsome looking man across the world!" one fan tweeted.

Happy birthday to one of Hollywood's most legendary actors, and we hope your 58th year is as good as all your others!