Walmart Will Start Showing Drive-In Movies At 160 Of Its Parking Lots In August

One of the great joys in life that unites us all is a good night out at the movies. But with movie theaters largely closed around the U.S., American movie-lovers looking to get their big screen fix have had just one safe alternative, and it's a classic: drive-ins.

Movie theater owners have heard the call and in many cases have opened up their own parking lots to provide a makeshift drive-in experience possible, and it looks like they're going to have some competition from a major player, as retail giant Walmart has announced plans to get in on the action.

If you're looking to get out for a night at the movies, Walmart is getting ready to welcome you.

The retailer recently announced plans to convert the parking lots at 160 of its locations around the nation into drive-in movie theaters. They'll be starting to welcome guests in August for a combined 320 showings in concert with Tribeca's drive-in team.

No authentic drive-in experience would be complete without snacks, and Walmart has plans for that, too.

They're offering curbside pick-up of concessions that moviegoers can order ahead of time, or snacks delivered right to the vehicle.

The movie nights are also expected to feature guest appearances by celebrities and filmmakers.

Walmart hasn't announced which movies will be playing where or when just yet.

But they've set up a website that will update all that info when it becomes available.

Walmart's drive-in movie nights are expected to run through October.