Lego Releases A Pop Art Collection For Adults To Build And Display At Home

So, it's 2020. A lot of us are at home. Some people are struggling to find something to relieve all this COVID-19-related stress (it's me, I'm "some people").

If you're missing getting to immerse yourself in the arts, strolling through museums, or building little projects, then Lego has got your back: they've just launched a pop art collection!

Let's take a look at the collection!


Let's start off with a Lego re-creation of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, which is comprised entirely of black, pink, yellow, and blue dot Legos.

The coolest part is this:

Instagram | @lego

You can swap all of the colors around to create the portrait in multiple ways! Have fun turning Marilyn pink, blue, or yellow, or do something small, like turning her makeup different colors!

Her set comes with a soundtrack.

Instagram | @lego

"As you build, listen to the included Soundtrack and immerse yourself in a world of art and creativity as you hear unexpected details and audio stories linked to the set," Lego said on their site.

Marilyn retails for $119.99.


You can keep an eye on Lego's website for details, since everything in the collection still says "coming soon."

It looks like Marilyn will retail for $119.99. Here is the link to check them out for yourself!

And now for something completely different.


Iron Man, it's Iron Man. Tony Stark's pop art set comes with interchangeable dot Legos to create a whole host of different Iron Man looks.

You can make different variations of his suits.


"Build 1 of 3 detailed portraits of Iron Man’s armor, the MARK III, the HULKBUSTER MARK I or the MARK LXXXV. If you want more, buy and combine 3 sets into an ultimate Iron Man piece," Lego said.

Let's take a look at the Hulkbuster.


Aw, look at that pancake head. Tony Stark built the "Hulkbuster" suit in order to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk. This suit is by far the funniest one, I'm not gonna lie.

But wait, there's more!


Yeah! You can do pop art Beatles! How cool is that?

Like Marilyn, this kit comes with an included soundtrack for you to vibe to as you put your portrait together.



To have a copy of each member of the Beatles, you'll have to buy the kit 4 times. Otherwise, choose your favorite and make him first!

Alright, time for something a little...darker.


The Dark Side calls with The Sith kit! You can make 3 different bad guys in tones of black, grey, white, yellow, and (of course) red.

Three members of the Dark Side are available.


First up: Darth Vader, of course. I mean, how couldn't it be? Darth, like Kylo (you'll see in a minute) is a 3/4 portrait that you can put together with dot Legos.

Yes, you can build Kylo Ren.


I know that's something Kylo stans will appreciate.

"While you build, listen to the included Soundtrack to enjoy details and audio stories linked to the set. Finish the build with the Star Wars signature plate, then display on a wall or shelf," Lego said.

Of course, the third is Darth Maul.


We can't forget the prequels, no matter how hard some people might try. This one looks like it might be the most difficult, in my opinion. The marks on his face are pretty intense!

People were seriously loving it on social media.

This collection was totally made for adults who like to build with Legos! It's also a great way to get older kids interested in different kinds of art!

Other people had some lighter takes.

Honestly, consider that it's 2020 and the bar is on the floor, this truly could be the second best thing to world peace. Who's to say?

Take a look at the whole collection on Lego's site.


It looks like each set will retail for $119.99, so maybe save up a bit if you really want one. Check it out here!