Gucci Selects Model With Down Syndrome For New Beauty Campaign

Gucci is getting more inclusive, and it looks great on them.

The prestigious fashion brand launched into the beauty realm in 2014, but fizzled out in 2016. In 2019, they relaunched with a whole new look and feel, and the makeup line quickly took off.

A few months after that, Gucci began a model search — and hit gold when they came across Ellie Goldstein.

Gucci's relaunch in 2019 came on the heels of the brand's massive rise in popularity.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I don't know the reason — I do, and it has a lot to do with YouTubers (and other young celebrities).

Now, they have a much larger presence in the beauty world.

I mean, they're no Fenty or Anastasia, but they've been doing some exciting things! Chanel is quaking.

Back in 2019, they set out on a scouting mission in partnership with *Vogue Italia*.

The goal? To, "push the boundary of beauty by having different types of beautiful faces and bring them together as one unity," according to photographer David PD Hyde.

Enter Ellie.

She's part of a rapidly emerging new generation of models with Down syndrome.

Hailing from the UK, she was chosen for the Gucci Beauty Glitch project as a part of the Gucci Beauty and Photo Vogue Festival.

Ellie is repped by an incredibly inclusive modeling agency.

I'll let them speak for themselves:

"As a specialist modelling agency, we’re passionate about redefining the perception of beauty, disability and diversity. And with the right opportunities and support, we believe amazing things can happen to amazing people."

Gucci found Ellie back in 2019...

But it's fashion, so it took a while to launch! They finally revealed the Beauty Glitch campaign in June 2020, which was centered around their L'Obscur mascara.

Let's meet some of the models!

There's Enam Asiama, a plus-size model and advocate from the UK. She describes herself as #FatQueerFemme, so of course I immediately followed her on Instagram.

Jahmal Baptiste also donned the mascara.

His big smile is all I see, tbh. What a cutie. He's walked for some of the most respected fashion brands, including Comme des Garçons.

And, of course, Ellie.

"I love this. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and a fabulous day shooting," she wrote in the comments of Gucci's Instagram.

Ellie's picture apparently broke records.

According to her agency, her picture is the most-liked picture on Gucci's Instagram. That's not hard to believe — it has a whopping 800,000+ likes. Go, Ellie!

Now, Ellie is making headlines around the world.

Her star is definitely on the rise, so keep an eye out for her! And in the meantime, you can follow her fashion journey on her Instagram.

h/t: Insider

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