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51-Year-Old Mom Becomes Surrogate For Her Daughter's Baby

Many women dream of the day when they can grow up and start their own family. Sometimes, that comes with a lot of planning. Other times, it happens when we least expect it. However, there are many women who struggle with getting pregnant and in turn, starting a family. This can be incredibly painful for couples who want to take that next step and bring a baby into the world.

Many women across the world struggle with infertility.

According to studies, ten in every 100 women in the United States struggle with getting pregnant. When this happens, it can seem as though starting a family is impossible.

Thanks to science and research, there are other ways to bring children into the world.

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There are many roads that lead to families nowadays such as IVF treatments, surrogacy, and even adoption. Many women opt to try multiple ways of starting a family when they are faced with infertility and pregnancy struggles.

Finding a surrogate that best fits a couple's needs can be difficult.

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When couples decide to take the route of surrogacy to start a family, it can be a hard task to find someone who fits their needs and desires. Bringing a child into the world is not an easy task.

However, when you know the person pretty well, it takes the difficulty out of the picture.

Breanna and Aaron Lockwood were looking for a surrogate to start their family after Breanna had struggled with infertility for years. But, she found the absolute perfect surrogate in the least likely of places — her home.

Breanna's 51-year-old mother, Julie Loving, stepped up to help her daughter out.

Breanna had wanted to have a baby soon after getting married due to an unforeseen struggle in the family. Her grandfather's cancer was progressing and the couple wanted to have a baby before his passing.

However, Breanna was struggling with conceiving.

The couple tried IVF numerous times, costing them a lot of time, money, and heartbreak. After trying several times, Breanna was told by her doctor that she had Asherman’s syndrome, which is a condition that is acquired from scarred tissue in the uterus.

The couple then opted for surrogacy.

Breanna, who has been sharing her journey on Instagram, opened up about the costs of surrogacy for couples. Through an agency, Breanna says it can cost anywhere from $90,000-$150,000. However, if you find someone who is willing to carry the baby for you, independent surrogacy can only cost $30,000-$70,000.

Breanna and her husband decided to go the independent route.

And, the couple opened up about who they chose on Instagram, too. Breanna's mom, Julie, is 51 but she says she "feels 30." She's a two-time Boston Marathon runner and completely healthy.

While it may seem complicated to some, for this family, it's a special bond.

Not only is Breanna's mom carrying her baby for her, but Julie is now carrying her biological grandchild, too. And, that is more touching and special than anything else we could ever imagine. Congratulations to this beautiful family on their bundle of joy!

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