Hilarious Tweets About Kids Who Decided To Rename Everyday Things

The saying goes that, "kids say the darndest things." Sometimes, when we aren't even anticipating it, kids say the best things and make the funniest jokes.

I sometimes wish I could follow my kids around with a camera at all times just to catch the hilarious jokes they make without warning. Luckily, parents are taking to Twitter to share the quirky, funny, witty times that their kids have renamed everyday items with better names.

I mean, he's not wrong.

Pudding literally is chocolate Jell-O, just a bit of different consistency. If you were to ask me, he is not an idiot and is purely a genius. Scholarship material.

A true legend.

I love this kid. I want this kid to name everything in the world from now on. Dessert is, indeed, a bonus round for after dinner and we should all follow his lead.

What a compliment.

Every dad wants to hear that their kid thinks that they are a wizard who possesses mystical powers and magic. Gray hairs or not, it's nice to see that kids are looking up to us.

Cake bagels it is!

If you think about it, a doughnut truly is a cake bagel. It is a bread circle with a hole in it just like a bagel, but it's decorated with frosting like a cake. Cake bagel!

This one takes the W for the win.

Snot is not just snot, it's sneeze gravy. Just like gravy, it adds a little something to your sneezing and it's liquid and wet. Gross, but also fantastic if you ask me.

I mean, they are leg holders aren't they?!?

Your thighs, while part of your legs, also hold the bottom of your legs. From the knee down, the calves and feet do a lot of hard work. So, thighs are definitely leg holders.

No leaves? Naked.

Once winter comes around and the leaves and flowers are gone, those trees do look pretty naked. I support this kid's imagination and also think he's wise beyond his years.

As opposed to dinner chicken.

But the real sneaky part is that snack chicken can ruin your appetite for dinner chicken. Imagine if we snacked on chicken nuggets the same way we do with chips?


Think about it. Short sleeves are just long sleeve shirts with the sleeves up. So, calling them up-sleeves is 100% right. She should win a prize for being so clever.

That's right, or else.

While it sounds harsh, it makes sense from a kid's point of view. Buy them some toys in Toys R Us or else you will be in for a bad, bad night.

I almost feel bad for laughing at this one.

Obviously, this is such a dramatic way to describe tears. On the other hand, it's also so sweet that you can't help but laugh and go, "Aww!" Kids. Am I right?