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Parents Are Staging Hilarious Pandemic-Themed Baby Announcements

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has put quite a damper on many people's lives. While couples have been planning special events in their lives like engagement parties, weddings, and baby announcements—the coronavirus has paused a lot of these things.

Instead, people are trying to look on the bright side and turn the sad times into funny and humorous ones instead. For example, these parents who are hilariously creating funny coronavirus-themed baby announcements.

"My parents suck at social distancing."

Social distancing means staying six feet apart. But, to make a baby, there is no way that this puppy's parents stayed six feet apart at all. Do we need to remind you how babies are made?

"It's not Corona!"

With the virus still on the rise, no one wants to see a sick person anywhere near them. This couple made sure to remind everyone that it's not coronavirus, just baby #2.

Definitely not a boring quarantine.

I think that a surprise baby is anything but boring. Some people may have been bored at home, while others were busy creating a whole family of their own.

This one is too awesome.

Lego, family edition — the expansion set! Two parents, and one baby. In the middle of a global pandemic, it seems to be pretty awesome that they could come up with a brilliantly crafted announcement like this.

It seems like a lot parents are bad at practicing social distancing.

Don't worry guys, they had hand sanitizer to make sure that everything remained germ-free and clean after. What an adorable onesie to put that baby in when they come into the world.

"Mom and dad couldn't stay 6 feet apart."

Like I said, social distancing goes out the window with some people during quarantine. This announcement adds a touch of fun with the coronas and the lime. Coming soon, coronavirus baby!

Coming out of the ultimate quarantine.

If you think about it, babies do live in quarantine! They are in momma's belly away from the rest of the world. The ultimate coming out of quarantine party is, well, birth!

They only use protection sometimes.

This one takes the cake for the funniest of them all. They only use specific types of protection, like the ones with gloves and masks. Not the ones that protect you from pregnancy.

They thought wrong.

From masks to gloves to wipes and hand sanitizer. But, they certainly did not have all the protection they needed. It seems like baby number two is coming sooner than expected.