Women Are Wearing Their Wedding Gowns To Surprise Their Husbands For A TikTok Challenge

Meet the newest TikTok trend: wedding dress surprises. I'd say it's far more wholesome than the last trend, which involved girlfriends surprising their boyfriends by walking into rooms naked. Hey, it's TikTok. Weird stuff just happens over there.

Anyway, if you're looking for something to really cheer up your day, this is it!

It's called the #WeddingDressChallenge.

The tag was originally for brides picking out their dress for the first time. They'd close their eyes and had to try on whatever they touched.

However, that hashtag was destined for something even more fun.

Meet the wedding dress challenge.

TikTok | @marisa.alaina

User @marisa.alaina posted a TikTok of herself in one of the most stunning wedding dresses I've ever seen, tbh.

She set it to Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You."

TikTok | @marisa.alaina

Which is a certified Bop, by the way.

She walked up to her husband and surprised him with the dress on. Look at his face! He's so happy!

Other users jumped on the trend.

TikTok | @fannycelleri

Is it me, or does everyone on TikTok somehow have the most beautiful wedding dresses ever? They all look like Disney princesses in them.

She filmed the whole thing using a mirror!

TikTok | @fannycelleri

That way, we could see her gorgeous dress and his reaction at the same time. His was more lowkey, but still really sweet.

This one is SO sweet.

TikTok | @kansaswarren

TikTok user @kansaswarren married her husband 20 years ago. She said she had more help putting the dress on back then. I'd say she did pretty well by herself!

Look how happy he is!

TikTok | @kansaswarren

He wrote in the comments:

"To bad it didn't go longer and you could see the tear in my eye. You are more beautiful everyday of our lives. I love you Kansas"

Brb, going to cry forever now.

We stan these couples!

TikTok | @gene.lagos

First of all, that dress is such a serve! The pipe detailing, the cut, the fit? Wow. I love that she also put her wedding jewelry on!

Her husband's reaction is actually adorable.

TikTok | @gene.lagos

At first he kind of smiles, and then it registers and he puts his hand over his heart. Guys, I love their love so much.

Love in the age of COVID-19.

TikTok | @amjesenia

TikTok user @amjesenia's wedding anniversary, unfortunately, fell during the COVID-19 pandemic, so she decided to celebrate it by doing the challenge!

Her husband's reaction is PRICELESS.

TikTok | @amjesenia

Sure, he's smiling, but you can tell he's actually super into it. I can't describe how funny his reaction is — you just gotta see it.