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Fans Remember Princess Diana On What Would Have Been Her 59th Birthday

It's hard to believe it's been almost 23 years since the world lost one of the most beloved celebrities of all time. Lady Diana Spencer changed the world and the way the public saw the Royal family. Princess Diana wanted to make the world a better place, and her legacy lives on through her children and the world forever cherishes her heart.

Princess Diana Spencer was born on July 1st, 1961 to her parents John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer and Frances Roche.

Diana's parents could have never guessed what legend would soon take the Royal family by storm.

Marrying Prince Charles at just 20-years-old in 1981, Diana was thrust into the spotlight from that moment on.

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She and Charles would have two sons, William and Harry, who of course are the Royal family's gems and angels.

There's no denying Diana would be so proud of her family today.

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Her sons, her daughter-in-law's and her grandchildren have given her so much to be proud of.

I have no doubt she would just love Kate and Meghan!

Diana is remembered for her philanthropy, allyship and of course, her fashion.

Her iconic looks will live on forever in fashion bibles.

She basically invented wedding dress trains, okay???

Diana and her legacy will be forever missed by friends, family and fans across the world.

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She was a influential and inspirational icon, who taught the world how important it is to follow your heart.

We miss you every day, Diana!

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