Librarian Uses Drone Service To Deliver Books And Keep Kids Reading Over Summer

During the coronavirus pandemic, many kids have lost out on the opportunity to learn in-person. With remote learning, it's been pretty hard for kids to remain engaged in their academics.

With everything online, kids are easily distracted and frequently have the urge to play games or use social media instead of doing work or reading. But, one librarian has found a pretty amazing way to keep their young minds blossoming.

Kelly Passek, a librarian at Blacksburg Middle School in Virginia, came up with a brilliant idea to keep kids reading.

Unsplash | Iñaki del Olmo

Unfortunately, schools and public libraries around the country are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's hard to keep tabs on everything and everyone in the library, so many cities have opted to keep them closed for now.

Passek found a way to keep books in kid's hands though and it's free of charge!

Facebook | Wing

She decided to have the books delivered to their home—but, not through the mail. Instead, Passek is using drones to fly books right to family's doorsteps and into kid's hands.

Working with the Google spinoff company, Wing, Passek was able to make this dream a reality.

The company was using drone delivery services for items such as food and medicine. But, Passek convinced the company to include library books to their inventory to keep kids reading.

Even though the drones do the delivery, Passek is hard at work making this happen.

Unsplash | Christian Langenhan

She takes students' book orders through a Google Form and picks them up from the libraries. She also is responsible for bringing them to the Wing delivery center.

Truly, a remarkable woman who is helping kids keep up with their summer reading!

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