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Pillsbury Is Selling Edible Cookie Dough Loaded With Crushed Oreo Pieces

Earlier this year, Pillsbury finally released cookie dough that can be eaten both baked and raw. Yes, finally the baked goods G.O.A.T. hopped on the edible cookie dough train, and it's truly one of the most revolutionary items grocery store fridge sections have seen.

They've released a few mouthwatering flavors already, like Strawberry Cheesecake, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chunk & Chip, and Confetti Sugar Cookie, and they've now got a new one on the roster that combines two iconic cookies in one.

Hi everyone. I'd like to introduce you to Pillsbury's latest edible cookie dough flavor: Oreo.

Instagram | @candyhunting

I feel like we've been waiting all our lives for this moment, no?

Both Pillsbury and Oreo are iconic cookie brands in and of themselves, and now they've teamed up for the ultimate cookie-ception experience.

The soft and chewy cookie dough appears to be chocolate in flavor, and is stuffed with crushed Oreo pieces for a nice crunchy texture.

Instagram | @candyhunting

Of course, you have the option to eat it raw or baked, or why not split it in half and try both?

So far, the package has only been spotted by Instagrammer @candyhunting at their local Hy-Vee, so here's to hoping it appears nationwide!