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Stouffer's Created A Tabletop Mac & Cheese Dispenser So You Can Always Have It Ready On Tap

There are few things that bring as much comfort as a giant bowl of warm and gooey mac and cheese does. Hugs and words of affirmation are cool, but they just don't hit the same as a giant enveloping hug of mac and cheese.

Now you can serve yourself a warm bowl of mac and cheese whenever you like thanks to Stouffer's new game-changing household accessory.

When you want your mac and cheese fix in an instant, Stouffer's is it.

Instagram | @stouffers

All you have to do is peel back the film, microwave the tray for a couple minutes, and you have a creamy and cheesy meal right before your eyes.

However, Stouffer's is taking their innovation one step further. They created an absolutely revolutionary device so you can have mac and cheese right at your fingertips, anytime, all the time.

It's called the Mac On Tap, which they recently revealed onTwitter. It basically looks like a nacho cheese dispenser you see at movie theaters, or a beer tap complete with a giant macaroni noodle as the lever.

Some people want their beer on tap, and others want mac and cheese on tap.

Now you can really get creative with your meals.

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You'll easily be able to top just about anything with mac and cheese.

I'm sure many people will also just be feeding it right into their mouths, no bowl required.

You can bring the tap anywhere you go and place it anywhere you want, like on your bedside table for the ultimate midnight snack.

Is this the saving grace of 2020?

It's safe to say, people are extremely excited.

We never knew we needed it, but we're sure glad Stouffer's was there to show us that, in fact, we do need this on our countertops.

Stouffer's hasn't revealed when the Mac On Tap will be released, but it's definitely in the works and something we can 150% look forward to in the future!