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Michigan Republican Candidate's Daughter Urges People Not To Vote For Her Dad

The daughter of a Republican candidate running for a seat in the Michigan state House has publicly urged people to abstain from voting for her father in a viral tweet.

According to The Hill, Stephanie Regan, the daughter of candidate Robert Reagan, later followed up her original tweet with another in which she implored voters to first research her father's campaign before electing him into the House.

Stephanie first gained public attention on June 23 with her original tweet regarding Robert's candidacy.

"If you're in Michigan and 18+ [please] for the love of [God] do not vote for my dad for state rep," she wrote, adding, "tell everyone."

As of writing, that tweet has received over 188,000 likes and has been shared on the site by nearly 40,000 users.

The next day, Stephanie expanded on her earlier tweet with another explaining the reasoning behind her rquest.

After identifying her father as Robert Regan, who is indeed running in the Michigan primary for a state House seat this August, she encouraged Twitter users to research his campaign for themselves.

And judging from the response her Tweet received, many users in the Michigan area and beyond did just that.

One of Robert's campaign issues involves making English the official language in Michigan.

Facebook | Robert Regan for State Rep 73rd District

"Eliminate the use of multiple languages on state documents, forms, and ballots," his website explains. "Use only English-speaking teachers in public schools. Parents should provide for their children’s training in languages other than English from their own resources."

The candidate's website also expands on such other issues as abortion ("I oppose abortion and the distribution and use of all abortifacients") and firearms ("Do not encumber the right of individuals to keep and bear arms").

Robert's Twitter page is also quite transparent regarding his stance on the Black Lives Matter movement amid the ongoing protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

In one tweet he expressed his support for "the Thin Blue Line", referring to the police, and has also labeled BLM a "Marxist group".

"Tick Tock," he captioned that particular tweet. "The time is coming for justice."

Following his daughter's publication plea to voters, Robert shared a statement to his campaign Facebook page.

Facebook | Robert Regan for State Rep 73rd District

In the statement he wrote, "I am happy that she feels confident enough in our relationship to express her opposing thoughts so publicly."

He also added that he has always encouraged all four of his children "to seek truth, no matter the cost" and added that though they may not always agree on what's best, "their best is [his] goal."

Robert has since said he isn't surprised by his daughter's words, since they've been known to disagree on matters in the past, particularly regarding white privilege and BLM.

Facebook | Robert Regan for State Rep 73rd District

As he told The Hill,

"A lot of students when they go off to these liberal university campuses, like the University of Colorado, the University of Texas and Austin — and she went to the University of Colorado in Boulder — and you know, they just kind of get sucked into this Marxist, communist ideology and she and I just don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the whole socialism, communism, Marxist philosophy."

h/t: The Hill