Turn Dollar Store Sand Pails Into Cute Containers For Giant Summer Cocktails

Hey, what do you do with sand pails? Use them to build sandcastles? Haul sand? Other sand-related activities?

Well, these people don't. They drink cocktails out of them. And honestly? It's kind of genius. No need for refills when you've got a gigantic bucket to drink out of.

Let's find out what all of this is about, shall we?

Yup, they really are sand pails.

And they are popular af, especially with vacationers. They're apparently meant to be shared, but don't let that stop you from living your life.

You could get 'em packaged up, too.

A bucket on the go! Perfect for those who don't have a sand bucket just hanging out around their house. I don't. I live near a beach, too. What is wrong with me? Should I buy a sand pail?

Let's find out how to make our own.

So, what do we need? A sand pail, obviously. And a lot of ice, so get freezing that water now.

Most people opt for margaritas, since those are easy to make a lot of.

But if margs aren't your speed...

Cook Eat Go compiled a list of cocktails that are bucket-friendly! Some are bloody Marys, if that's your speed. Have fun, guys!

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