11+ Genius Products That Conceal All The Clutter In Your Home

Are you one of those people who hates clutter? Me too. I can't stand it. But living in a small space makes it tricky to hide all your messes.

I know a thing or two about that. So in this situation, one needs to come up with clever ways to deal with it. Thankfully, there are products that can help you do that.

1. Narrow Rolling Laundry Cart


You know that space between your washer and dryer? It can be utilized much better, don't you think? This narrow rolling laundry cart fits right in between. You can store all your laundry necessities on it, too.

2. Cable Management Box


Nobody wants to see cables from all those gadgets like the computer, printer, and so on. But now you can get this nifty cable management box that will hide them all away from sight. So neat.

3. Charging Station


Speaking of boxes, you can also set up something like this. Just cut out holes in a decorative box. Then put all your power strips inside of it. Now charging your devices looks a lot neater, no?

4. Storage Bins


How cute is this organized space? I love how they used this open-concept cube organizer with pull-out storage bins. That way, you can display some pretty things while hiding other unsightly stuff. What a great idea.

5. Small Shoe Cabinet


I gotta be honest with you. Our messy shoe situation at the house is pretty dire. We've got shoes literally everywhere, and I'm getting pretty tired of it. So this shoe cabinet is my next go-to purchase.

6. Over-The-Door Shoe Rack


Here's another clever way to organize your shoes. If you can fit an over-the-door shoe rack in your closet then definitely go for it. It might not be the most glamorous solution but it does work.

7. Storage Ottoman


Who else is a fan of storage ottomans? Oh my goodness, I absolutely love them. We have a cute faux leather one that's so handy and looks very chic, too. It fits perfectly with the rest of our furniture as well.

8. Wall-Mounted Broom Holder


Isn't it annoying when you open your storage room and all the brooms fall out? Oh, yeah. That's not fun. So do yourself a favor and mount one of these babies up. It pretty much solves the problem.

9. Clear Plastic Refrigerator Storage Bins


Having a well-organized fridge can make a huge difference, especially if you're very busy. These clear plastic fridge storage bins will help you see exactly what you've got there, and keep things all nice and neat.

10. Over-The-Door Mirror


It's hard to find space for all your jewelry pieces, especially if you want to keep them all in one area. So this over-the-door storage solution is really handy. The fact that it's also a mirror adds incredible value, too.

11. Hide-Away Storage Picture Frames


A really clever idea to hide things that would otherwise clutter your space is these picture frames. You can easily fit things like keys behind them. Hang them up near your doorway on a hinge for quick access.

12. TV Cords Trick


If you're one of those people who likes to mount your TV on the wall here's a cool idea. You can hide all those pesky cords inside of a rod like this. Then just paint it white.

13. Bedside Caddy


If you always find yourself watching TV or reading on your bed this is a great option for you. This bedside caddy can hold your remote, your iPad, and all the stuff you need to have near you.

14. Vanity Organizer


How cute is this vanity organizer, huh? I've always wanted to get something like this. With this, you can easily access all your makeup. It's definitely a great solution for someone who's always on the go. Right?

15. Floating Storage Shelf

Ballard Designs

Not only is this extra storage space but you can also hide valuables in this floating shelf. Nobody would even know you've got extra cash or that important USB stick hidden away in here. I love this.

16. Fold Away Desk


Isn't this a genius idea for somebody who needs to create instant office space? We don't all have houses with separate offices, right? This is a great option for somebody who now needs to work from home.

17. Hanging Storage Bags


Oh my goodness! How cute are these? I wouldn't even know these were storage bags. They look so chic hanging on the wall. What a clever way to get rid of clutter in a pretty way.

18. Tall Corner Shelves


Who says you can't utilize a corner space in your house. I'm here to tell you otherwise. Just look at this gorgeous tall corner shelf unit. Isn't it fantastic? Put some storage bins in there too.

19. Headboard With Storage


Why would you let all the extra real estate go to waste in your bedroom? Maybe it's time to get yourself one of those headboards that come with built-in storage! Imagine how much more stuff you can hide there.

20. Storage Bench

Instagram | @mylittleredhouse

Wouldn't it be nice to find yourself sitting by the window reading a book? Oh yes. It's actually easy to DIY a seating bench like this. And the best news is it comes with extra storage room too.

21. Roll-Out Pantry


I've always thought this roll-out pantry idea was pretty genius. I mean, it's easy to find space to fit something like this in your kitchen and you can just roll it away when you're done, right? The fact that it stores so much stuff is also quite amazing.

22. Under Bed Storage Organizer


Think about this, the area under your bed is highly underutilized. We're talking about prime real estate here. Ha, ha! This storage organizer can help you fit so much stuff and hide it away from prying eyes — except from maybe the cat.

I'm quite impressed with all these clever ways to hide clutter in your house.

I'm going to implement at least a few of them as soon as possible. I'm sick and tired of all the mess and I'm doing something about it.