Matthew Perry Sarcastically Replies To David Beckham's Chandler Bing T-shirt

David Beckham is a Friends superfan and he's got the t-shirt to prove it.

The former footballer recently shared a picture of him in said shirt and it basically won the internet.

Even Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing couldn't help but crack a few sarcastic jokes. Trust us, this is the kind of quality internet content your day needs.

Could David Beckham BE more of a *Friends* fan?!

Instagram | @davidbeckham

The soccer superstar has been proving he's obsessed with the iconic '90s sitcom all over Instagram lately.

Who can blame him? It's one of the best shows to ever play.

He is proving his love with tons of photos and references to the show on his Instagram (or commenting on his family's Instagrams).

Like the time he compared a picture of his wife, Victoria Beckham, to the character Ross.

The image, which was shared by the couple's son, Cruz, shows the mother and son wear matching white bathrobes.

Instagram | @cruzbeckham

"Apparently my mum does smile," Cruz captioned the pic.

It's a reference to the fact that it's rare to see a full-teeth smile from the former Spice Girl.

David soon took to the comments section of the post to tease his wife.

Instagram | @davidbeckham

In typical superfan fashion, he did so with a hilarious Friends reference:

"How white are mums @victoriabeckham teeth ? it's Ross from friends [sic]," he wrote on the post.

*Friends* fans will know that the episode he's referring to is when Ross (David Schwimmer) has his teeth whitened.

Since he overdid it, he ended up with a blinding white smile...right before an important date.

Cue the awkward hilarity.

Since Victoria also looked so tan in the photo, *Friends* fans might mistake her as Ross from the iconic tanning episode.

In it, Ross decides to go to the same tanning place his sister went.

Of course, it goes badly.

But since he counts seconds in a different way than everyone else (one Mississippi, two Mississippi, and so on) he ends up with a super dark tan on only one half of his body.

It's truly one of the most hilarious episodes.

To further prove David's love of *Friends*, the athlete recently shared an image of him wearing a *Friends*-themed shirt.

Instagram | @davidbeckham

"Afternoon walk @victoriabeckham," David captioned the image of himself and wife Victoria Beckham taking a stroll in the Cotswolds.

The t-shirt featured a scene from the episode "The One Where No One's Ready."


In it, Ross struggles to get his friends and girlfriend out of the door on time to go to an important event.

It's an excellent episode.

Of course, this doesn't go smoothly.

Monica is missing her ex, Rachel is mad at Ross, Phoebe spilled hummus on her gorgeous dress, and Chandler and Joey fight over a chair.

This leads Joey to put on all of Chandler's clothes.


Because, as he sees it, that's the opposite of taking someone's underwear (which is what Chandler had done to him).

Agree to disagree on that one.

David's post soon flooded with comments from *Friends* fans who loved the hilarious shirt.

Instagram | @davidbeckham

"Love the shirt!" wrote Ben Winston, the co-executive producer of The Late Late Show with James Corden.

He's also the man who pitched the Friends reunion special!

They appreciated the addition of the duck:

Instagram | @davidbeckham

It was a nice touch, considering Friends characters Chandler and Joey owned a chick and a duck in their apartment for some time.

It definitely got fans laughing.

David's family also left some cheeky comments.

Instagram | @davidbeckham

"Nice necklace. super bold!" added Victoria, who left a ton of laughing emojis.

Maybe she was getting back at him for once blaming the dog's fart on her?

But the most hilarious comment of all was definitely the one from the man in the t-shirt himself: Matthew Perry.

The actor who played Chandler Bing reposted the image of David and Victoria on his own Instagram, along with the caption, "This guy has really good taste. Whoever that is."

Once the t-shirt got the attention it deserved, Cruz made sure to grab credit.

Instagram | @mattyperry4

David confirmed this when he left a hilarious comment on Matthew's post.

"Yes @cruzbeckham got me the shirt but could i be wearing anymore clothes 😂 @mattyperry4," Beckham wrote.

Since Matthew ~~Chandler~~ and his sarcasm can get him into trouble sometimes, he made sure people knew he was joking about the "whoever that is" part of his caption.


"Guys, i know who it is!" he wrote on his own post, his comment raking in over 64,261 likes. "I was just joking."

Ah, typical Chandler. Always the jokester!

Now that David's t-shirt has made its appearance, we're sure it's stored safely next to this hoodie his daughter got him.

Instagram | @davidbeckham

This guy is definitely a superfan.

Maybe he'll even make a surprise appearance at the upcoming reunion on HBO Max?