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Boozy Pudding Exists, And Lunchtime Just Got Way More Exciting

People no longer want to simply sip on cocktails—they want to eat them, too. From seltzer-infused sorbet and ice cream to an array of cocktail-inspired freezies, edible booze seems to be the latest and greatest trend.

Now you can get boozy pudding, because lunches could really use some added excitement.

These pudding jars look gourmet as-is, but the fact that there's booze infused into them seriously grabs our attention.

Instagram | @spoonablespirits

They're by the company Spoonable Spirits, and the name says everything.

The company makes boozy gourmet pudding jars in the most perfect flavor combos.

Instagram | @spoonablespirits

There are four signature flavors, including Vanilla Vodka, Whiskey Rolos, Rum N Cookie, and Nutella Latte.

They also have a couple new flavors that pay homage to the current situation, like Social Isolation Sundae and Orange Creamy Quarantini.

Each 2-ounce jar contains a mighty 5% ABV, and we have a feeling these go down pretty easy, so eat responsibly.

Instagram | @spoonablespirits

And yes, these should absolutely be enjoyed as a lunchtime dessert. Working from home just got a whole lot better.

You can order them online for $30 for a case of six jars.

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