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Samoyed Dogs Are Basically A Breed Of Big, Fluffy, Sentient Clouds

You know what I love? Dogs and doggo lingo.

Dogs, doggos, puppers, pupperinos, floofs, and woofers. Regardless of breed, a very good dog just puts a smile on my face, because all dogs are good dogs.

However, some breeds have the distinction of being their own category within the wider lingo, and the samoyed is one such breed.

Samoyeds, you see, are clouds.

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I assume that I don't have to explain why a large white floof would be called a cloud, right?

I mean, look at that fluffy goodness!

The American Kennel Club describes their temperament as "adaptable, friendly, gentle."

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Sounds like a sentient cloud to me!

And a big one. Samoyeds can grow to be almost two feet tall at the shoulder and weigh as much as 65 pounds.

They are energetic and very social.

If you decide to bring one into your family, plan to spend lots of time playing and walking. These clouds are no couch potatoes.

They also aren't for people with all-black wardrobes.

Their thick white coats are perfect for the cold-climate work they were originally bred to perform.

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It also means that like many double-coated breeds, samoyeds shed quite a bit year-round and you can expect a blow-out when the really shedding season begins.

Personally, I think the extra brushing and vacuuming may definitely be a worthwhile trade for constant cloud cuddles.

h/t: American Kennel Club

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