Husband Transforms Attic Into A Dream Closet For His Wife

Any woman can agree with me that having adequate closet space is a dream, right? Tell me about it. I'm sharing one with my fiancé right now and it's not easy.

So when I saw what this husband did to transform an old attic, I was shocked. He actually made it into a whole new closet. Wow! You gotta see it.

Here's the attic before this crafty husband transformed it.

Twitter | @yagirljoss

As you can see, it's a typical attic. Frankly, it looks a little creepy to me and not like the closet of my dreams. But, just you wait...

If you can believe it, and why would you not, this is what the old attic looks like now.

Twitter | @RandDLLC

I can't get over how bright and huge it is. I can only imagine how much stuff I could fit in here.

And this is how it looks from the other side.

Instagram | @remodelinganddesign

You could have a whole runway show here if you wanted. Ha, ha! I gotta say, Carrie Bradshaw would have killed to have a space like this. Me and her both.

OMG, I can't get over all the closet space here.

Instagram | @remodelinganddesign

The materials used to transform the space were 2x4's, drywall, insulation, electrical wire, LED strip lights, recessed lights, and paint. The wood was for the shelving and the floor.

There's even a cute little nook where you can rest after a whole afternoon of trying on clothes. LOL!

Instagram | @remodelinganddesign

That would surely tire any seasoned shopper out, right? That is such a gorgeous space. I love that comfy chair!

And what would an attic closet be without a powder room?

Instagram | @remodelinganddesign

I'm not surprised that this one comes with one, too. Because when you are getting ready to put on fabulous clothes, you gotta do your makeup, too, no? Pretty classy, huh?

To get to this awesome place, you gotta climb up some impressive stairs.

Twitter | @RandDLLC

Apparently, they were the hardest part of this whole endeavor. They were attached to one wall and needed more support in order to be used properly.

Needless to say, once people saw this amazing attic closet makeover online they fell in love with it, too.

Instagram | @prettyinp.i.n.k

I bet all ladies are now complaining to their husbands that they want a closet just like that. Ha, ha! Right?

The husband's Maryland-based company Remodeling And Design LLC created the closet.

Instagram | @saraayq

It took them about three weeks to finish. And I know you want to know how much this project cost. Well, they spent in the range of $25,000 – $34,000. That's a bit much for me but if you have the funds, it would be totally worth it!

Is this not a dream attic closet or what?

I could do some damage shopping to fill a space like that. Ha, ha! For now, I have to satisfy myself with sharing one. But one can always dream big, right?