People Are Making DIY Laptop Shields So They Can Work From Home Outside

If you've been stuck working from home, I've got some great news for you. How does working on your laptop while enjoying the sunshine sound? Think it's impossible? I'm here to tell you it is not.

Turns out some clever WFH peeps came up with a hack that will let you be outside in the sunshine while typing on your laptop.

Tom Wood shared his laptop hack on Linkedin and people literally freaked out.

Linkedin | Tom Wood

In a mere two weeks, his post has gotten him close to 50,000 likes, and almost 3,500 comments. If that's not going viral, I dunno what is.

The good news is that this hack is really easy. Just grab a box, put your laptop inside, and... you're done! The box will work as a shield to stop the sun's glare when you're working outside.

Of course, whenever an idea goes viral like that there will be copycats.

Twitter | @craigfots

So they have emerged — in throwes, too. Other people started posting their own impromptu outdoor office hacks while they are enjoying the precious sunshine.

I gotta admit, I wish I had come up with something like that.

Twitter | @AnyVan

I used to often work on my balcony before and I loved it, but the glare of the sun on my laptop was pretty annoying.

Here's a slightly unorthodox solution somebody used.


Why not put that blue bin to work one more time? Ha, ha! I think I might like it even more than the cardboard box idea. What do you think? Which one do you prefer?

How do you like this guy's set up? I think he's got the right idea here.

Linkedin | Christian Lockyer

He even got himself a better keyboard while he's working away. And I gotta say, I really dig the pretty scenery in the background.

And if you're a stylin' lady, why not just get yourself a pink box? Ha, ha!


This woman ended up using one of her Ikea canvas boxes. That's such a great solution. Isn't it? I'm loving everyone's creativity here. Right?

Who knew you can even use an old shoebox?

Twitter | @MaeveShearlaw

This Nike one looks like it's exactly the perfect size. And if you think about it, it's also a great portable solution. Just pick it up and move somewhere else.

This lady is doing it with style. Isn't she? OMG!


Are you kidding me? I can't get over how much fun this looks. Who said working from home wasn't going to be enjoyable? I do it and I love it.

Wow! This working from home thing is turning out to not be such a bad idea. Huh?

It's sparking people's creativity in a big way. Hopefully, they can translate all that into their actual work. Am I right?