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You Can Get A Giant 17-Foot Unicorn Raft That Can Fit Seven People

It seems that just as we get done raving about one wicked pool float, there's another one peeking right around the corner to slide into our social media feeds.

While pool floats are pretty cool, giant inflatable rafts in the shape if our favorite pool floats is a totally different game.

How wild is this giant inflatable unicorn raft?

The Floatys

It's like a boat and pool float all in one!

The rainbow-winged Giant Unicorn Inflatable Island Raft is a massive 17-feet high and 15-feet long.

Fancier Living

It's so big it can fit up to seven people.

The inside is fitted with three spacious rainbow-decorated seats with eight cupholders on the four armrests.

Fancier Living

This was made for the ultimate lake lounging experience.

You don't even need a lake house or cottage to enjoy this giant unicorn. Just inflate it in your backyard for a wildly fun inflatable patio!

You might just want to get some paddles to steer yourself back to shore if the unicorn decides to take you and your pals on a wild ride.

Fancier Living

And you're definitely going to want to invest in a powerful electric pump to inflate this puppy.

If you need this in your life, just be warned, it is on the pricier side. You can get it from The Floatys for $480 or Fancier Living for $700.

To be honest though, it really might be worth the investment just to see the look of astonishment on all the other lake-goers' faces.

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