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You Can Buy An Inflata-Bull Pool Float For A Wild Ride This Summer

If you've ever been to a country bar—and I am regretful to say I have—then you know riding the mechanical bull is something you just have to do. It's basically an unspoken rule. Even if you swore you wouldn't, you somehow find your body just suddenly walking towards the mini arena waiting in line to semi-humiliate yourself in front of a packed bar.

It truly is one of the greatest mysteries in this world, but even I have to admit it's sort of fine to try and see if you can hang on. If you're missing your weekly bull rides at the bar, well, you can actually get one for your pool to enjoy all summer long, whenever you like.

In case you were wondering, yes, you can buy an inflatable bull ride to enjoy in your pool.


It's so aptly called the Inflatabull and its part of Intex's wacky lineup of pool floats.

The float is basically a miniature version of the mechanical bulls found in bars.

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The bull in the middle moves around while up to four friends and family use the handles to rock the float and try to get you to fall off.

Of course, there's also a fifth handle for the rider to hang onto.

Altogether, the float measures 94 inches long by 77 inches wide by 32 inches high, including the safety ring.

You can really bring it anywhere, like the lake because why not.

If this looks like something you need this summer to really go for a wild ride, you can get the float from Walmart for $70.