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A DIYer Built A Cozy Coffee Shop Right In Own Backyard So The Family Can Still Get Their Coffee Shop Fix

As States across the country reopen after closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are beginning to head back to their favorite places. The list includes, but is not limited to, Target, Michaels, Jo-Ann, Marshall's, and Starbucks (I just included the most important).

However, there is still much uncertainty surrounding how long these establishments will be reopen, as states beginning to see a resurgence in cases after initial reopening.

So, there's no better time than now to build a convenient coffee shop right in your backyard where you can go and enjoy at least one missed activity, which is exactly what one crafty dad did.

Twitter user @Juliannastrid's dad decided to make a backyard coffee shop during quarantine.

Twitter | @Juliannastrid

Julianna's dad, Ed, designed the mini coffee shop himself and built the whole thing from scratch.

As a full-time contractor, this is definitely his side project baby.

The trendy backyard coffee shop, called La Vida, has everything guests need to get their fix.

Twitter | @Juliannastrid

It has a little outdoor patio for two, and even some hanging lights to set the mood at night.

The inside seriously gives any trendy city coffee shop a run for its money.

Twitter | @Juliannastrid

It has a sleek modern interior with comfy sit down and bar seating, a TV, a game table, a fireplace, a coffee maker and warmer, and even a pastry case.

Julianna shared that it took her dad three months to complete, which he somehow managed to do after work and on weekends.

Twitter | @Juliannastrid

She also told Newsweek that everything in the shop is repurposed in some way, really turning trash from his contracting jobs into absolute treasure.

"I've grown up watching my dad build amazing things around our house and for other people, he is truly an extraordinary builder," she told Newsweek.

"He has always had a love for coffee and cozy spots and recently decided to fuel that love into something for his own backyard where the family and our guests can sit back, lounge and bond."

Looks like a backyard coffee spot is the new backyard bar!

Due to the overwhelming positivity and attention, Ed now has an Instagram page and YouTube channel, so make sure you give him a follow and subscribe to check out his latest projects when they're posted!