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Crochet Mason Jar Hook Holder Keeps Your Crochet Hooks Ready At Your Fingertips

Seasoned crocheters already have a slew of cases where their crochet hooks are organized. Some cases may be organized from favorite to least favorite hooks, while others might house their very first and very sentimental hooks (and maybe some scrap yarn cuttings from a distant time).

But wouldn't it be nice to have your favorite hooks organized and placed in a way that you can just grab it and get going? That's where this mason jar hook holder comes in handy.

This mason jar hook holder is like a pencil holder, but for your favorite crochet hooks.

Crochet Spot

The tutorial by Crochet Spot is super straight forward.

All you need is an old mason jar and your crochet materials.

You're essentially just crocheting a lid to fit over the lip of the jar.

Crochet Spot

But the holes in the pattern are used to keep your crochet hooks propped up and neatly organized, so you can grab whichever hook you need with ease.

Now, you can proudly display your hooks instead of hiding them in a carrying case.