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Quotes For People Who Don't Need A Good Reason To Have A Few Drinks

So what if it's a Tuesday night and you feel like going for that second glass of wine? You don't need a reason to have a little solo party!

Neither did these folks below.

Are self care and drinking mutually exclusive?

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This one goes out to all the people who would rather relax in the tub with a glass of wine than with a bath bomb from Lush.

There's always a good excuse to have a few drinks.

"Because my vodka bottle told me so" might not go over very well in the morning meeting, however.

I would say drinking margs and napping is a sport in and of itself.

I'm sure a lot more people would be competing in the Alcohol Olympics if that were the case!

Ope—just checked my horoscope, and it's definitely telling me to go with the flow.

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Whatever the universe wants!

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