Quotes For People Who Know There's No Problem A Martini Can't Fix

Ah, martinis. There's something so timeless about them — they're a classic sign of sophistication in pop culture, a sign of refinement and taste.

Or they're just a drink you kick back with after a long day. Whatever floats your olive, really.

Let's check out some of the funniest quotes about martinis to get you in that mood, shall we?

This one is a classic.

Etsy | ExcellentDesigns

If you're a martini aficionado and haven't made this joke... are you really a martini aficionado?

This art is by ExcellentDesigns on Etsy. You know, just in case you wanted to hang it in your home.

Coffee, but make it boozy.

Jen Chooses Joy

Honestly, no judgement here. In the world we live in, everyone has more than earned a boozy coffee martini or two. It's just a good idea.

Fund this immediately.

The man has some damn good ideas! Is this not what venture capitalists are for? Funding apps? I'm pretty sure that's what they're for. Let's get on it.

Karen made some points here.

No one does a martini like Karen Walker does a Martini, let's be real. She may have spent all of Will & Grace half-drunk, but she was all genius all the time.

Now this is a hell of a card.

Seltzer Goods

This card is definitely worth sending on National Martini Day, don't you think? You can get it (and other martini-themed things) on Seltzer Goods.

Ah, Homer.

In a rare twist, Homer turned to a martini instead of his usual beer. I don't know if he was feeling okay, but he sure does look fancy. Good for you, Homer.

This is such a wine mom quote.


Sorry, I meant martini mom. Listen, whatever gets people into caring about climate change, I'm down with. We gotta save this planet for the martini moms.

Hm, tea.


Mar-tea-ni? I'll see myself out.

Anyway, apologies to the men out there who have lost their shots to a martini. I kinda feel bad! I don't. I'm sorry. I don't.

Well, that's that on that.

Craft Gin Club

This came up while I was searching for quotes about martinis, and it just felt like the perfect way to end the article. Go forth and make those martinis, my friends.

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