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Fans Are Telling Britney Spears To 'Pull Up Her Pants' In New Insta Video

Britney Spears has been making a lot of quarantine content for her fans and I, for one, could not be more thankful for her gifts to US the dedicated fans.

However, Britney's latest Insta video, an equally gorgeous and confusing fashion video, is causing quite a stir on her Instagram page as fans are wanting Brit to PULL UP HER PANTS!

Britney is a timeless, ageless queen. She defies all laws of the universe and provides us with so much JOY!

YES, I am slightly obsessed with Queen Brit Brit but who can blame me?! She is everything.

She is also a masked queen, showing her fans the importance of covering up while in public spaces!

Instagram | @britneyspears

Check out this hot couple soaking up the sun AND staying safe. Your fav celeb couple could NEVER!

Britney loves to keep her fans entertained with her tbh STUNNING fashion content.

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IDK where this bright red wall is in her house but it is aesthetic AF and also looks amazing against her skin tone!

Fans have realized that Britney, the multi-millionaire that essentially invented blonde hair and pop music, shops at PRETTY LITTLE THING!

Have you ever been so obsessed with her? Me neither!!!!!

I can't believe Britney and I basically share a stylist!

If you follow Brit on Instagram, you know she LOVES a low-rise jean short.

Instagram | @britneyspears

And a low-rise athletic short, and a low-rise khaki short.

Since basically 1% of the population can rock the low-rise look, so I don't blame Britney for exploring all her options.

However, Britney's latest fashion video has fans asking if it's time for Britney to retire her trusty low-rise lewk.

Brit Brit is modeling a series of crop tops while Billie Eilish's "You Should See Me in a Crown" plays in the background.

It's another Britney masterpiece, of course.

However, fans could not stop telling Britney to PULL UP HER PANTS!

"Love you to death. But you're a mom pull up your pants. You are beautiful and don't need to prove it," wrote one fan.

"Can someone tell her low rise went out a long time ago?" wrote another.

"Britt, honey, it’s time to move on from the wardrobe you peaked in," chimed in one user.

Instagram | @britneyspears

"Britney get a hairstylist, makeup artist and a stylist please!!!!!"

"I still don't know how the funny bubbly princess of pop became so awkward!"

Britney also loves this black choker to death but WE'RE NOT READY TO HAVE THAT CHAT YET ARE WE?!

Instagram | @britneyspears

At least chokers like just went out of style a few years ago!

I wish I had the confidence to rock one in 2020, tbh.

Of course, SOME people out there can recognize a fashion icon when they see one and gave Brit the credit she deserves!

"I feel like if I saw this playing in a modern art museum I would be like oh this is interesting af," commented one fan.

"Don't listen to them, you look great! Simply Marvelous! They are jealous.... You exercise, you watch what you eat, and you are still able to enjoy the results! Congratulations!" commented another.

Yes, Brit is DEDICATED to her low-rise khaki shorts!!! Yes, they're kind of out of style, but hey, she is an ICON! She can do whatever she wants!

Instagram | @britneyspears

What do you think of Britney's lewk ?! Let us know in the comments below!

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