9+ Hilarious Tweets For All The Pregnant Mamas Out There

All women experience pregnancy in different ways. Some have morning sickness, while others get intense cravings for specific foods. While we may have different side effects and impacts from carrying our little ones, there are some experiences that go with pregnancy that we all know to be true. The tiredness, the pregnancy brain, the inability to see our toes. Mamas know the deal.

If it's gone, it's gone.

Do you think that I'm going to bend down with an entire bowling ball strapped to my stomach? Those socks are now history. Sandals for this lady and the rest of her pregnancy.

Everything makes me cry at this point.

Puppies, babies, ice cream, romantic movies, the list goes on and on. I can't look at anything without getting hormonal and emotional at this point. I just want to get this done with!

You better think twice before you steal my spot.

An angry pregnant woman is going to bring the wrath and fire into your world. If you think you're going to get off easy, oh, just you wait and see!

Petition to change all pregnancy tests.

Hey, not everyone is looking for that plus sign on their test. A simple "yes" and "no" will also make it easier for all of us to figure out whether or not we are with child.

It takes two to tango, baby.

Men always act like women do everything to themselves on their own. It takes a man and a woman to make a baby, buddy. Don't act like we're in this on our own doing!

It's my favorite past time.

You may think I look good from behind and the moment I turn around and you see my eight-month-old baby bump — it's game over. Sorry, not sorry, dude.

You know, the usual Monday stuff.

Hate to break it to you, but everything is going to bother you once you get pregnant and knocked up. You know when they say there's no use crying over spilled milk? Well, we cry over everything.

Just... leave me be.

Pregnancy weight does not count. I repeat: pregnancy weight DOES NOT COUNT. Thanks, Uncle Bob, you are not invited to Thanksgiving next year. You can count on that.

New doctor time.

If I was pregnant and a doctor told me to cut carbs, I would need the doctor to immediately leave the room while I curse them until the end of time.

Please, just bring back the whole store.

When it comes to getting some food at the store, you never know what I'm going to want to eat in the next hour. Might as well prepare for everything.

Ain't that the truth!?!

Even when we're planning on it saying positive, we can't deny that the little "plus" makes us scream in ways we never thought we would. And, then come the water works. That's believable.