8+ Essential Products Perfect For Houseplant Owners

Even though I don't have the best green thumb, that doesn't mean I have given up on keeping plants. I think they're great for your mood and also add much-needed greenery to any room.

So to keep them thriving I've found some awesome products that can help both you and me with our houseplants woes. You're welcome. Hee, hee!

1. Plant Food Spikes


People literally swear by these plant food spikes that you stick in the soil. It's like a miracle food for your houseplants. I still need to try it out to see if it will help mine grow better.

2. Indoor Thermometer Humidity Gauge


I don't know if you realize that some plants do better with a certain humidity level. So it's a good idea to get this thermometer to know exactly if you need to adjust your house levels.

3. Humidifier


Speaking of humidity, if you do need to adjust it in your home a humidifier can help with that. I have a few in my house and they do help my plants grow so much better for sure.

4. AeroGarden


Here's something I've always wanted to get. This little gizmo will grow indoor herbs and veggies within just a short period of time. People really seem to love it. What a great addition to any home.

5. Self-Watering Planter


If you're like me and never remember when you watered your plants, this is a dream. This planter comes with an easy-to-see floating red stick that indicates water level. That sounds so handy to me indeed. Right?

6. Watering Can


If you do need to water your plants, this super chic and sturdy stainless steel watering can is the way to go. Its long nozzle is specially designed to help you water hard to reach plants.

7. Pot Watering Funnel


Now that my plants are growing and getting bigger, watering can be trickier. This cool leaf is designed to ensure the water is getting inside the soil instead of on your furniture. What a neat idea.

8. Succulent Tool Kit


Taking care of your succulent collection shouldn't be that hard, right? Well, it won't be with this cute yet handy mini tool kit. It includes things like scissors, a cleaning brush, a shovel, a spade rake, and watering spray bottles.

9. Ceramic Succulent Planters


Now that you have decided to plant some pretty succulents, how do you display them? How about these adorable ceramic owl succulent planters? Aren't these so fun? I love how they're arranged here. Simply the cutest.

10. Adjustable LED Plant Lights


If your plants can get a lot of natural sunlight all year round that's wonderful, but that's not always an option for everyone. So these adjustable LED plant lights can be an essential addition to any houseplant's environment.

11. Plant Shelving Unit


If you have some furniture that can display your plants nicely, that's great. But if you need to create a dedicated space, this plant shelving unit can look fabulous anywhere. I should get one of these.

12. Miracle-Gro Water Storing Crystals


Apparently, these water crystals will help you with the most common plant-killing problem. I'm talking about either under-watering or over-watering plants. That's usually what kills mine, and fast. OMG, I totally need to get this.

13. Misting Spray Bottle


Did you know that an easy way to add moisture to your plants is to mist them? Yes, that's right, it's actually a thing. So get yourself a handy spray bottle like this and starting misting today.

14. Plant Stakes


If you have plants that tend to grow long you absolutely need to invest in these plant stakes. That way they can keep growing vertically without putting pressure on their delicate stems. I use these as well.

15. Decorative Watering Globes


If you're planning to go on vacation soon you may want to look into these. You can fill them up with water, insert into the soil and they will slowly release water into the plant's soil while you're away.

16. Clay Pebbles


Here's another good way to keep your plants alive. These clay pebbles are great at holding water and nutrients. They also provide an awesome drainage system and keep air circulating so roots can get oxygen. Wow, amazing.

17. *How Not to Kill Your Houseplant* Survival Guide


As I mentioned, I'm a bit horticulturally challenged. If you're like me and need all the help you can get, ask for this book for Christmas, lol. It should come in handy.

18. Houseplant Sticky Stakes Insect Traps


Don't let pests invade your precious plants. Make sure you protect them with these sticky stakes today. These easy-to-use stakes attract and trap flying insects from inside your potted plants, preventing damage and reproduction.

I hope now you will feel more confident about taking care of your houseplants.

And it won't feel like such a daunting chore. Plants should bring happiness to your life and not make you go crazy haha. I'm loving these solutions.