7+ Easy Home Upgrades You Can Do In A Weekend

The weekend always seems to go by so quickly, doesn't it? On Fridays, it feels like you have an unlimited amount of free time to do whatever you want, and by Sunday evening, you're wondering where all that time went.

If you're looking to change up your usual weekend plans with a cool DIY project, these can easily be done over the course of a Saturday and Sunday (or whenever you feel like DIYing!)


I mean, this one is pretty obvious. Whether you're up for switching out the color in a whole room, or you want to experiment with an accent wall, painting is the perfect way to make a BIG change.

Paint Part 2: Furniture Edition.

New furniture can get expensive af. Why not paint what you already have? Especially if you have some classic Ikea basics — they're super easy to hack, and you don't have to feel bad about painting an antique!

Swap out your curtains/window treatments.


Guys, those blinds have got to go. Swap out your old curtains, blinds, or window treatments with something more modern.

(If you're feeling like pushing the budget, maybe even opt for some automatic curtains. What? It's an option.)

Switch out your old faucets.


Honestly, faucets and knobs are a great way to punch up a room. There are a lot of really creative, cool options out there, especially if you go with a glam color!

Get organized.

Unsplash | Barn Images

This one won't cost you much, but it'll make your life way easier. Get organized and sort your clutter. And while you're at it, donate some of that junk you have sitting around!

Give your couch a new life.

Comfort Works makes slipcovers for every couch under the sun — no, really! They make covers for couches from Ikea to Pottery Barn, and everything in between. Slipcovers are a cheaper, more sustainable way to redo your couch!

Add some hardware to make life easier.


I cannot stress enough how crucial hooks are to your home. Whether you want them over the back of a door, or you're cool putting some right on your wall, hooks will help you keep stuff off of your surfaces and cut down on clutter.

Put together a gallery wall.

Blank walls are just a bummer, you know? Time to dress it up and fill it with art and photos of your friends and family! Throw in some shelves and trinkets to break up all those frames, too.

Cover up those backsplash tiles.


It's time to do away with those ugly tiles, guys. Backsplashes make a big impact in a house. If you want to swap yours out, go ahead — but it might be easier to go the peel-and-stick route.

Make over your laundry room.

Laundry rooms are perfect places to try out your makeover skills before you move on to bigger projects. They're small, you don't need to do a lot, and you can get creative with your decor!

Get yourself some new floors.


Back at it again with the peel and stick floors! This is a good option for renters, but you can also go for flooring that easily snaps together!

Fake yourself some crown molding.

YouTube | Ace Hardware

Honestly, this is a pretty damn simple hack. Add in a simple line of trim under (or over) your regular molding, then fill the area in between with white paint. Bam, instant molding!

Time to say goodbye to ugly lighting.


You don't have to have ugly lighting, even if you're a renter! Swap out those fixtures or lamps and give your space a fresh look with some statement lights.

Swap out your plates.

Kyle Switch Plates

Switch plates, that is. Get rid of those faded, dingy plates and find some more interesting plates to spice up your space! Consider them jewelry for your room.

Add a stair runner.

I mean, why not? Installing a stair runner will help your pets climb the stairs, add some personality to your space, and it'll feel nice under your feet!

Cover up ugly floors with large rugs.


If swapping or covering your floors with temporary tiles isn't an option for you, go ahead and cover them with a huge rug. Ikea sells them for a really affordable price!

Plant a garden!

Adding in plants to the front of your house will really up your curb appeal. Start a garden out front, or place some pots with larger plants near your front door!

Spruce up your existing shelves.

Serena and Lily

With some removable wallpaper! Bookcases and built-ins are a great excuse to try out some bolder colors or prints. Removable wallpaper is the best option here, since...well, it's removable.

Add some (removable) color.

A great way to change up a space is with color, but what if you're not sure if it's for you? Try out new pillowcases, throws, and poufs in bold colors or patterns before you commit to bigger purchases, like couches!

Swap out your hardware.


Listen, those builder-grade silver knobs have to go. Change out knobs, pulls, even doorknobs with more fun, unique ones to really spice up your place!

Turn a closet into a home office.

Mood Maybe

This is a really fun project, and a great opportunity for you to get creative. Do some unexpected colors, play with patterns, and have fun with lighting!

Paint your front door!

Instagram | @thelovelyroomco

This would have a big impact on the exterior of your house, trust me. Opt for a bold color, or even swap it out altogether with a thrifted door!