Neglected 100-Year-Old Basement Transformed Into A Gorgeous Apartment

Some people are naturally good at home renovations. I guess that's why they do it. I, for one, am not that handy. So I can definitely appreciate the amazing work of other people.

Especially when they're able to turn a run-down place into something spectacular. That's exactly what happened in this case. You have to see this transformation to believe it.

Jamie Barrow is Britain’s fastest snowboarder with a Guinness World Record.

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But, he's also known for some stunning renovation projects he has taken on. At the age of 28-years-old, he's already successfully renovated six properties. Wow, that's impressive!

His latest project is nothing short of amazing. This time he embarked on transforming a dingy basement into a liveable space.

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He already owned property at a historic Georgian townhouse and he recently purchased one of its basements to work on.

If you can believe it this project actually took him years to complete from start to finish.

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As with any project of this size, there are always unforeseen hurdles to overcome. I can only imagine how hard it must've been.

He made sure that every material that was used to restore the property was keeping in with nature as much as possible.

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And he wanted to ensure it matched how it was done originally when the property was built.

Originally the basement was a communal area. But as it has fallen into the state of disarray it was no longer in use.

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Jamie wanted to bring it back to its previous glory. He wasn't put off by the property, despite the fact that it looked pretty scary.

He had a vision of how he wanted to transform it.

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And was able to look past its current state in order to see the potential of the property. He knew that with hard work he could make it look beautiful.

It took him about three and a half years of hard work.

Including plenty of headaches and an investment of $137,000. But now this gorgeous two-bedroom apartment is valued at about $592,000. Whoa! I gotta say, not too shabby.

This basement had been untouched for about 100 years.

Facebook | Jamie Barrow

It was very important for Jamie to keep its history. Now people would be able to enjoy it for another 100 years. I think that's truly wonderful indeed.

What do you think of this property transformation? Are you as impressed as me?

It turns out that when certain people have a vision, a plan, and funds, pretty much anything is possible. But you gotta believe it to see it through.