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You Can Order A Face Mask Customized With The Rest Of Your Face On It

Ever since the CDC recommended the use of face masks to help combat the spread of COVID-19, tons of cute and stylish masks have popped up. From color-changing Harry Potter-inspired face masks, to Disney's own line, and a slew of homemade masks on Etsy and from makers in local communities, cloth face masks are just important an accessory as wearing shoes out the door is.

Obviously, you can't see anyone's mouths shielded behind the masks, which is great news for those of us who are often criticized for not smiling enough. But it can be pretty weird to talk to people when you can't see their mouth move.

One woman is solving that problem, and the results are...genius and maybe a bit unsettling.

This is Danielle Baskin, and like many other businesses around the country, she now makes face masks.

Twitter | @djbaskin

Her business, Maskalike, specializes in custom-printed masks.

And yes, you can get your face custom-printed right onto the mask so people can see your smiling face at all times of the day.

Twitter | @djbaskin

And yes, these are, uhm, just a tad unsettling.

She wrote in a Tweet, "Just walked past the long line for Zeitgestā€”an outdoor bar that apparently reopened tonight. Half of people who noticed said Awesome and laughed! The other half was horrified and looked at me in terror. This is the spirit of our time."

This mask will definitely have people doing a double take! Especially when they're about to yell at you for not wearing a mask.

We could all use a smile on our faces these days, even if it's one printed right onto a mask.

The masks are currently sold out, but definitely head to Maskalike's website to sign up to be notified about their launch!