You Can Finally Enjoy Your Own Private Island With A Palm Tree Island Pool Float

Do you ever wish you could escape to your own private island where none of your family members, or coworkers, or nosy neighbors would bother you? (Except your dog, of course).

Well, travel plans are looking a lot different this year no thanks to the pandemic, so you'll have to settle with a palm tree island pool float to hang out on in the meantime.

Bring your own private island right to your backyard with this fun inflatable Island Oasis float from BigMouth Inc.


It's got everything you need to feel like you're out somewhere far in the ocean.

It's decorated with a giant palm tree, white sandy beach, and of course, water.


You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the calm waters of your pool without worrying about getting caught in a bloom of seaweed out in the ocean.

Even if you don't have a pool, you can still inflate it, pop a squat on your lawn, and transport yourself to the tropics right from your backyard.


All it needs is a drink holder for a tropical cocktail, but that's what their matching palm tree beverage boat is for.

You can find the float from Walmart for $65, or from Amazon for $25.

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