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Kevin The Golden Retriever Loves Ducks, Hats, And Most Of All, His Duck Hat

I would like to introduce you all to the sweetest, most unapologetically adorable golden retriever on the internet, because it's about time the whole world knew about him.

Kevin, a 1-year-old pup from Orlando, Florida has won hearts everywhere with his dashing good looks, affinity for ducks, and his seemingly endless collection of hats suitable for every mood and every occasion.

Because if you're going to visit ducks in a pond, you might as well dress the part, right?

I first stumbled across Kevin on TikTok where I quickly learned what this smiley dude is all about.

TikTok | @agoldennamedkevin

His human, Elysse Gorney, runs his account appropriately named A Golden Named Kevin where she regularly shares videos of this handsome fella happily exploring the world, all while sporting some seriously fancy hats.

Whether he's visiting the pet store or simply going on a play date with some pals, Kevin is always dressed to impress. Just look at that turkey hat! He's definitely ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

But perhaps his favorite, and most commonly worn hat, appears to be his duck cap.

Instagram | @agoldennamedkevin

A quick scroll through his TikTok shows Kevin sporting this billed hat in just about every other video. He especially likes to throw it on when he goes to check out the ducks in his local pond, either to blend in with his new crowd or to simply show his support.

Either way, my heart simply cannot take all that cuteness, and it's clear the people of the internet agree with me.

As of writing, Kevin's account has over 430,000 followers and his videos have amassed more than 10 million likes.

TikTok | @agoldennamedkevin

"I try to make Kevin's page a place where people can smile and laugh, and go to when they're feeling down," Gorney told Good Morning America.

Of course nowadays none of us are in any position to be turning down some wholesome, doggy content, and Kevin is more than happy to provide that for us in spades.

And if you're wondering just how good of a boy Kevin is, he was recently named Good Morning America's "Pet of the Week."

Instagram | @agoldennamedkevin

Gorney told GMA that Kevin never leaves the house without a hat on, and explained just how much his new title means to both her and her beloved pup.

"It's exciting," she said. "Kevin...is a very goofy boy and just to share him with the world is just amazing. We hope that he brings people smiles every day when they visit his pages."

One video in particular certainly helped cement Kevin's new prestigious title, and it was one in which he showed off his babysitting expertise.

TikTok | @agoldennamedkevin

The viral clip, which was shared to his TikTok page last month, shows Kevin in his iconic ducky hat while seated next to his best friend — a baby named Hank, who is also dressed as a duck.

"It was really exciting to see Hank loving on Kevin," Gorney said of the heartwarming video. "It just explodes cuteness. It'll be really exciting to see their friendship develop as Hank gets older, as well as Kevin."

After one year together, Gorney said she feels blessed to have a loyal pal like Kevin by her side.

TikTok | @agoldennamedkevin

"He's just changed my life for the best," she told GMA. "This past year with him has been, hands down, the best year of my life."

If you want to keep up with Kevin and his adventures, check out his TikTok or follow him on Instagram @agoldennamedkevin where Gorney also uploads all his adorable videos.

h/t: Good Morning America

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