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16+ Mindboggling Things People Asked The Internet To Help Identify

The world is full of weird stuff. It's no wonder that people created folktales, spirits, and other explanations for it in the past.

But these days we have the internet and while asking Dr. Google about your latest odd body ache may result in questionable advice, it has given us the ability to harness the wisdom of the crowds.

If you have a question, someone, somewhere will know the answer.

Yeah, I'd probably question tiny, clear blobs in my Nutella.

Reddit | WoerleyBird

Thankfully, it's likely just oil or fat that has separated and partially solidified. The best way to know is to warm up a dollop and see if they dissolve back into the mixture.

Thankfully, this isn't the nest of some sort of stinging insect.

Reddit | renaldo686

It's actually a swallow nest and birds are much nicer than wasps. That said, I would probably put tarp down underneath, because once there are babies, there will be lots of poop.

Since this thing was found in an Italian volcanic cave, I'd question it too.

Reddit | Sheik92

It's actually an old CRT from a monitor or television, which means someone was doing some serious littering.

If you come across something like this, it's better to get professionals to clear it away, as the tube can implode easily and there are toxic heavy metals inside.

This glass-encased rooster could actually fetch a pretty penny.

Reddit | lily-layne

It's a sulphide marble, which are German collectibles produced from the mid-1800s until the 1930s. Depending on the quality and rareness of the figure inside, sulphides can be worth a few hundred dollars.

It's these sorts of things that confirm my general dislike of the outdoors.

Reddit | Litzori

That is an example of a slime mold about to reproduce. To do so, the slime will climb up tall grass or bushes before dropping balls full of spores.

Yes, I said "climb." These things aren't regular mold. They move and eat and are generally squicky.

Signs like this just raise more questions.

Reddit | GoodOlJonesy

It's just a pneumatic control base for a thermostat or heater. The sign is strange, since you can't really do anything illegal with it.

I wonder if the sign is just a way to stop people from sticking a fork in it or something.

This is actually a super cool and nerdy find. When the center is turned, the four corner circles move too.

Reddit | Dh25948

It's a tiny model of a valve from a Corliss steam engine. The rotating valves on the corners help to control the flow of steam. This find likely dates from around the year 1900.

What's this weird blue tube circling a pasture?

Reddit | _bummie

It's a water line of some sort, either temporary to control water during a nearby construction project or excavation or it's possible that the pasture land was sold and this will become a permanent, buried water line.

This contraption is on an apartment roof.

Reddit | eroutman

The building is an old warehouse-turned-brewery-turned-apartments and this is an old sawdust collector.

Besides being an airborne irritant, if enough sawdust builds up in an enclosed space, there could be an explosion.

"Foreign body pulled out of a dogs GIT," says the Redditor who posted this pic.

Reddit | Baxter4

The owners apparently have no idea what they are, but since the objects are the cone portions of ice cream cone-shaped squeak toys from the dollar store.

One could possibly have been picked up at the dog park or something, but two is fishy.

Something about all those little black dots upsets me.

Reddit | Ydinripuli91

It was found in a stack of firewood and is most likely the nest and eggs of a mud dauber wasp.

They're a pretty friendly variety and can even pollinate plants, but it's best to remove old, abandoned nests before meaner wasps move in.

These black and white disks were found in a house under renovation.

Reddit | ducks0801

They're actually the pieces for playing the game Go. Some people thought maybe mancala or othello/reversi pieces, but the characters on the container lid confirm their origins.

People first thought this glass egg was a Yoni egg, but the flat base means it's for display.

Reddit | HardDriveArchive-jpg

It's actually a "magic egg," so named for how light reflects different colors through the opalescent glass. Mostly decorative, though they are popular in Feng Shui.

These bottles were found hidden in a basement cupboard after moving into a new home.

Reddit | nomecopp

Since poster nomecopp mentions that the previous owners may have had pagan beliefs, these are likely witch bottles meant for some sort of spell. They're commonly filled with red wine and herbs before sealing with wax.

User _Surge wondered why their neighbor poured a cinnamon cross onto the front porch.

Reddit | _Surge

I'm not sure about the cross part, but cinnamon is a great way to deter ants from coming into your home. They don't like it and won't cross a line of it.

This small, pitted bowl is made of heavy brass.

Reddit | irlegend86

It's actually half of an antique golf ball mold. Before the 20th Century, golf balls had raised dimples on the surface, rather than ones that curved inward.

"What is this slimy orange goo filled squishy thing in my front lawn?" is a question I never want to ask.

Reddit | lilturtleduv

It's a bird egg without a shell, which can occasionally occur if the mama bird is suffering from nutritional problems. Most likely, this is a goose egg, as it's tennis ball-sized.

Sometimes the former residents leave strange things behind.

Reddit | jwakefield30

In this case, they must have been a fan of wine, because those are Ikea wine racks. The bottles are meant to go in sideways, which can be confusing if you've never seen that before.

If you ever find something like this, be careful and dispose of it safely.

Reddit | RachInNH

This is the needle for an insulin pen and shouldn't have been left lying around.

If you ever stick yourself with a found needle, be sure to go directly to a doctor.

Yeah, I'd question a decorative egg thing with a QR code.

Reddit | gazzelliott

This is a glass artwork by Nina Cambron, who was known for putting QR codes into her works that would lead to interesting things.

According to the Redditor who found two of them, one led to a Magic 8-Ball and the other was audio of children laughing.

This was left out in someone's trash. It's entirely made of wood.

Reddit | sqqueen

It's actually an elaborate bee hotel. They're meant for more solitary species, like carpenter bees, and having one in your yard can both help the ecosystem and keep the bees from burrowing into your porch.

This is clearly a key of some sort, but for what?

Reddit | Bagelspider2

Some people thought it might be a wind-up toy or something, but nope. Novelty handcuffs. There is a pin broken off from the end of the key.

Yeah, I can see why this would be confusing.

Reddit | goldenbladezzz

It's actually a recreation of a historical ladies' skirt. From the days when the hoops were particularly ridiculous.

Sometimes you see the weirdest things being driven down the highway.

Reddit | Ceilea

This oddity is a massive sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker, presumably on its way to a power station somewhere down the road.

Moving into a new place always brings some mysteries.

Reddit | Sorrypuppy

Like, why does this house have a shower knob with an H for hot water randomly stuck into the wall behind the door? Water flows...somewhere when it's turned.

Only after leaving the water running for a while did they discover a trickling sound from the roof. The knob controls the water for the old swamp cooler that was never removed after air conditioning was installed.

This was found with a bunch of WWII memorabilia.

Reddit | iChair

It's a compact cleaning kit for a Mauser 98K rifle. They were issued to German soldiers as a way to keep their weapons in good shape.

It's actually not uncommon for these figures to be found in the water.

Reddit | Saaintt

They depict the Santerian Orisha named Olokun, who rules over the ocean. Santeria is a religion formed through the African Diaspora, combining many cultural beliefs that were forced together through the slave trade.

Well, that's kind of gross.

Reddit | GiveRodneyAChance

It's also kind of sad. It's the stomach of a rabbit, which foxes or stray cats leave behind after killing them for food.

This one hasn't actually been solved yet, but it's too weird not to share.

Reddit | Theheadandthefart

After hearing something crash down off their roof in the early morning hours, a couple found this in the side yard. It's an almost perfectly round mass of feathers.

Inside is a small bit of flesh and some dead maggots. Ew! The only thing people seem to agree on it that they are duck feathers.

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