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T.I.'s Daughter Breaks Silence On His 'Completely Uncomfortable' Comments About Her Hymen

It's pretty much our parents' jobs to embarrass us, whether its by showing off our baby photos or talking about our embarrassing moments to their friends.

Sometimes, parents can take it way too far and reveal information that is not only embarrassing, but uncomfortable and boundary-crossing. Even celebrity parents aren't immune to this, as rapper T.I. found out last year.

Rapper T.I. made headlines last year for stating he went with his daughter to the gynecologist "to check her hymen."

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T.I. stated that he has her gynecologist check her hymen and report back to him on its status in order to check whether his 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah, is still a virgin.

Deyjah has finally broken her silence on this issue on an episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle.

The clip begins with Deyjah learning that her father's comments have gone viral.

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"I'm scrolling on Twitter, and I see that I've been tagged in a post," she said. "The only word that I saw was 'gynecologist' and I didn't even need to read the whole title 'cause I just knew... my heart sank."

Deyjah then states that "things are completely uncomfortable for me right now."

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Deyjah explains that since they are on a family vacation, she can't get away from her dad despite how uncomfortable she is, saying, "We're all together in this house, so I have to see my dad and be around him. And we're in a foreign country, so it's not like I can leave and get away."

Deyjah then added that she was ""very shocked, hurt, angry, embarrassed."

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Deyjah then confirmed her father had been going with her to her appointments to verify her virginity "since probably 14 or 15," years old, and that she didn't want to talk to him about her feelings because "he always plays the victim."

Deyjah also pointed out that her dad treats her differently than than her brothers.

Deyjah explains that her dad jokes with her brother about him "becoming a baby daddy" but adds that he "would never make that kind of joke with me."

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